Coronavirus Prevention 101 Infographic

The coronavirus outbreak has affected the whole world. Ever since the virus COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, people have been forced to alter their habits in order to guarantee their safety. It’s not easy, but in order to overcome this virus, extra measures are a must. This Coronavirus Prevention Infographic is a quick crash course on how to take care of yourself and your loved ones in these hard times.

Since the symptoms are very similar to common flu, it’s pretty easy to dismiss it. However, COVID-19 can quickly evolve into respiratory complications. These have proven to be fatal for many, especially for risk groups with previous health conditions and immunocompromised systems. Even worse, unlike the common flu, there’s still no cure for COVID-19. All this makes coronavirus prevention vital for all, and it’s up to each one of us to help slowing it down.

coronavirus outbreak prevention information infographic

Stay safe! Here on 24Slides, we’ll be sharing more infographics with relevant, accurate information. Our designers are working non-stop to help people stay informed and safe. In the next days, we’ll be sharing these on both our social media platforms and the Present Better blog. You’re more than welcome to share them and help us spread safety tips and information.


More Coronavirus Information Resources

Every single 24Slides Infographic will quote trustworthy resources. However, there’s much information out there regarding the coronavirus outbreak that it’s not accurate, or just plain wrong. Be careful of what you share, and verify your sources. We must work all together to avoiding misinformation.

Some trustworthy sources you can check out are:

Sharing inaccurate information does more harm than good, even if there are good intentions behind it. Alarmist false information can cause panic and even mass hysteria in the most extreme cases. Misinformation can also spread damaging inaccurate information and end up increasing the virus spread. Avoid adding to this problem by cross-referencing your sources, and sharing only verifiable information concerning the coronavirus.


Free Coronavirus Design Campaign

coronavirus prevention

Do you have some extra Coronavirus information you want to share? Here at 24Slides, we’re launching a free design campaign for educational material regarding the coronavirus COVID-19.

Whether it’s infographics, PowerPoint presentations, or just visual material, our designers are all in for helping spread coronavirus prevention and information. You can learn more about this on our Coronavirus free design campaign.