What is the cost of creating your presentation yourself?


The majority of people in the corporate world are designing their own presentations. Outsourcing has spread to many areas. Presentation design is included, of course. But have you ever asked yourself what the real cost is of doing your own presentation? Read on.


We’ve heard it a million times. Time is money. It’s true if you have an alternative. A simple example: a management consultant has to make a presentation for a client. It’s a 20-slide monster. It takes him seven hours to produce it himself. If he outsources this, it would take him one hour to brief and review, saving him six hours. Now, how much one hour is worth depends on various factors. But one way to calculate this would be to determine a billable per-hour rate. If his billable rate is $200/hour, for example, outsourcing his presentation will save him $1,200 minus the cost of the outsourcing itself.

Cost of Outsourcing

The cost of outsourcing your presentation depends on who’s doing it. It might be another employee who would not be billing clients—such as an assistant. Let’s say the consultant was using the presentation design service for 24Slides. The cost would have come to $380. As such, there is now $820 worth of billable hours remaining after outsourcing. The estimate has so far assumed that the results of the presentation will be identical. This is extremely unlikely.

The Impact of a Good Presentation Design

We all remember Al Gore’s An inconvenient Truth (watch it if you haven’t done so yet). First of all, Al Gore’s a brilliant presenter. Second, his presentation design is even more brilliant than is he. It made his message so much clearer. A good presentation style and design makes the impact a million times more effective than it might otherwise be. How much is it worth to you for the audience, either large or small, to clearly and fully understand the message you are presenting? Think about your content and ask yourself that question.

The Cost of Bad Presentation Design

The cost of an ineffective presentation design is enormous. This is probably the largest cost associated with not outsourcing the presentation design to someone who really knows what he or she is doing.

You’re now likely thinking, “I know how to work PowerPoint.” Sure, you do, but I challenge you to test your conviction the next time you need to make a presentation. Find someone in your company or outsource it to a presentation design service. Then evaluate. And think about the fact that as time goes on and as you outsource more of your presentations, the better the outsourcing service will become at learning your individual style.

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