How to Create a Sales Pitch Deck That Gets the Job Done

A successful sales process isn’t implemented overnight. Aside from having a great product, one must also have the tools that are necessary to turn prospects into clients. To attract prospects into your corner, you must be able to convince them it will worthwhile to invest their money into your product or service. You can do this by creating a convincing and compelling sales pitch deck.

A sales pitch deck is a short presentation usually done through PowerPoint or Prezi and is an essential tool to close sales. If this is the first time you will be creating a sales pitch deck, consider the following formulas you need to implement to have a successful presentation:

Use Storytelling

Most failed sales pitches have one thing in common, they make use of hard selling while missing the most important ingredient in order to deliver a memorable pitch: the human connection. Having a story which tells where you come from or why you do the things you do adds a human element to your pitch. Stories appeal to the emotions. They make you relatable and likeable, and help your audience be more receptive to the message you are presenting. To the people watching the presentation, you are not someone who is after their money, but someone whom they can empathize with.

Personal and Relevant Content

Secondly, the pitch should solve a problem that exists or will make life easier for your prospects. Present your pitch in a way that will make them realize that they need to have the product or service you are offering. This means you need to make the content in your sales pitch personal by presenting real-world examples that are tailor-made for your prospect and his or her industry.

Do Your Homework

Since you are up against competitors that are all vying for the same funding, make sure to do your research. If you know that the people you are presenting to are football fans, make sure to mention their favorite team in the sales pitch. If the company has just won an award recently, congratulate them and mention it in passing during the presentation. Small things such as these will score you some brownie points and will let your prospects know that you have prepared ahead of time.

Avoid Using Templates

When making the slides for your sales pitch, make sure that you don’t use the same template over and over. This does not mean that you should no longer use your own branding guidelines; just make sure the deck’s content speaks to what matters to your clients and covers topics that are interesting for the people you are presenting it to.

Engaging Visuals


Visual cues can are powerful and can enhance a presentation’s ability to share ideas and be remembered. People are more likely to respond to them compared to a presentation that is full of just words. Visual aids such as infographics should aid, and not distract or obstruct the message you are presenting.

Effective Copy

The marketing copy you come up with should be in a clear, concise, and easy to understand format. Do this by knowing your audience and using the WIIFM technique. WIIFM stands for “What’s in it for me?” Your copy should be able to state how your product or service will be able to affect people’s lives in a positive way.

Writing the copy for a sales pitch can be difficult. But if you do your research and know your audience, you will be able to craft the perfect sales pitch that can help you land the client. Keep these tips in mind and increase your chances of getting the job done.