How to create Scandinavian look for your Graphic Design

As Dante Alighieri signified the meaning of art as something which follows nature, such is the philosophy of Scandinavian designs. Whether it is interior designing or fabric industry, the web or graphic designing, every illustration of their designs is simple but evocative, representing the stance of natural beauty in artificial one. The reality of Scandinavian Designs is the epitome of art, they do not emphasize on exceeding the embellishments of their work but focus on goal orientation. Their ideas’ scheme has been defined as pretty minimalist and something which portrays the classic meaning of designs in a simple, yet unique way at an affordable price.

Unique Scandinavian Look

The Scandinavian look is unique in its own way and exhibits the finest and uncommon traits in its designs, so is with its graphic and web designing where simple and clean lines with the combination of smooth and often contrasting color amalgamation are used to convey the specific messages. Our design team put together some visuals to accompany this article. If you’re looking to have Scandinavian presentations done, check out our services page.

Neutral Colors are Scandinavian Graphic Design’s Trademark

Scandinavian color palettes

Scandinavian Designs believe in “Art is itself a poetry” because poetry, if kept simple and concise seems more understandable and effective and so is the Scandinavian depiction of art where even a small range of colors and tool palettes are enough to form a fascinating look. Even with the use of bold colors, creating a Scandinavian look for your websites and graphics is possible. In traditional Scandinavian designs, the calm and light colors were preferred whereas, in the modern ones, bold colors are chosen with the contrasting effect which makes distinguishing the background and the front illustrations or texts easier. However, mostly, light shades such as cream color, cool gray, sky blue and white color are featured by Scandinavian color palettes, presenting a neutral and serene sight.

The beauty of words in Scandinavian Graphic Design

Scandinavian Typography

This also includes the simple and minimal form of a trend which is easier to achieve with a sans serif. Such fonts make it easy to maintain the serenity and lively appearance of the text. With the use of Storms Serif, Berling Nova Sans or Berndal font family, distinctive headlines or taglines are written. Moreover, the text of the suitable font is used, not too small to make the reader put an extra effort in reading it.

Simplicity is Scandinavian Design’s middle name

Scandinavian Design & Layout Rev

History and culture have always been the artistic assets of Scandinavian designs where nature is yet another element to maintain the aesthetic look of websites and graphic layouts. A much-organized approach is evident in Scandinavian design layouts with a plain and clean use of muted lines. The sophisticated execution of Scandinavian designs is being modeled after wood and atmospheric conditions.

Nature is Scandinavian graphic design’s best friend

Scandinavian textures

Scandinavian graphic designers imitate natural landscapes by making use of granite, leather, natural minerals and wood patterns. There is a certain organic functionality that emerges from Scandinavian graphic design, one that offers a certain homeliness and a great respect for the environment.

The texture or appearance of Scandinavian designs resembles the Northern climate, also their desire for summers. Mostly contrasting textures are generated and the approach is to maintain the smoothness of colors in order to be professional. However, Scandinavian designers also know how to have fun with their designing and also to keep their designs and illustrations democratic.

Contemporary Scandinavian graphic designers that will inspire you


BVD is a Swedish design agency that offers simple and clear communication solutions to their clients. Their projects range from brand identity to packaging and store concepts.


Aleksi is Finnish designer that successfully incorporates natural patterns in his creative projects. He  is well known for his minimalist approach to functional spaces such as canteens, burger houses, kitchens, concept stores, fair stands, bars and restaurants.


Peter is a Dannish designer that blends minimalism with colorfulness to achieve a joyful effect for his works. His graphic design projects range from infographics to innovative do it yourself magazine kits.


SDG is a creative studio that delivers simple and intuitive solutions to their clients. Their logos and identity branding are distinctive and reflect the main characteristics of Scandinavian graphic design: clear lines, neutral colors, simplicity and environment aesthetics.

We are also a design agency that can produce similar Scandinavian style design work. If you’re interested, why not check out our services page.

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