Powerpoint Design Team: How To Save Time & Money

PowerPoint is an amazing tool to accompany your presentations. But if you’re someone who works constantly with them, you know how much time it can take. Luckily, there’s a great option for getting rid of this task forever: dedicated PowerPoint design teams! Custom PowerPoint design is an excellent option for businesses looking to save both time and money, AND get amazing presentations. Leave your presentations in your team’s expert hands and free your time for more important tasks!

dedicated teams PowerPoint design for business

Why are professional PowerPoint presentations a critical part of your business

PowerPoint is great to convey your presentation’s message clearly. But it’s also a great opportunity for introducing yourself and building up your audience’s first impression. Your presentation’s design can help you look more professional or more playful, closer to a client, or more corporate. It can help you come across as serious, creative, trustworthy… as they say, first impressions count and in many cases, your presentation will be that first impression. PowerPoint design is an incredible tool to have at your disposal to not only wow your audience but to make sure you’re remembered exactly as you want to be remembered.

This makes professional PowerPoint design for businesses an especially important (albeit underappreciated) task. A good custom PowerPoint design is vital for introducing your company to a new client, or a potential investor. It will reflect your brand and your product. And, most importantly, it helps convey trustworthiness and professionalism.

But the reality is, PowerPoint design is usually the last task on the list. After all, what matters the most is the content of your presentation. Most people have neither the time nor the tools to create outstanding PowerPoint presentations on their own. Most PowerPoints you’ll see are generic templates or even default-blank presentations. But precisely because of that, a great PowerPoint design that really conveys your message can be a key piece in standing out from the crowd!

PowerPoint business design example
Go from slides like this…
PowerPoint business design example
… to slides like this!

Your own PowerPoint design team might be the answer you were looking for!

Companies specialized in custom PowerPoint design like 24Slides are experts in their work field. This means knowing by heart all the possibilities PowerPoint offers in contrast to other more common design software. But also the experience of having worked in thousands of presentations for all kinds of businesses. This means the knowledge on how to make your presentation unforgettable. PowerPoint design for business is a really specialized area that means being able to reflect both your message and your brand perfectly.

Outsourcing has become a very common practice in all kinds of businesses. Whether it’s accounting, IT services, or legal assistance, there are many secondary tasks a company can outsource in order to free resources for their main core tasks. As Peter Drucker said, “do what you do best and outsource the rest”.

Outsourcing presentation design is a great idea because chances are, no one at your company is truly an expert at designing PowerPoint presentations. It’s exactly the kind of repetitive and time-consuming task Forbes suggests to outsource. And even better, it’s the kind of secondary task that, while you can do it by yourself, it can really benefit from actual expertise.

Investing a little in your business presentation design can really make a difference in how you approach your presentations. And even if PowerPoint design will not change the content, it can certainly be a tilting point between a boring presentation and one your audience will remember long after it is over. Coming to a meeting with a custom-made PowerPoint design can help show your audience how committed you’re with the project, and how you’re willing to go the extra mile to get outstanding results.

professional PowerPoint design
Send us your rough sketches…


Professional PowerPoint design
…and receive a masterpiece!


Custom PowerPoint designs save you time and money

Whether you know it or not, you’re already investing in PowerPoint design! Every hour you spend on a PowerPoint presentation, you’re actually “paying yourself” as a designer. The average executive spends around 4 hours a week working on PowerPoint presentations. This might not sound like much, but it definitely builds up when considering the long-term. This translates into 188 hours a year -roughly around $2858!

hidden PowerPoint cost calculator

Considering the results of the hidden PowerPoint cost calculator, custom PowerPoint design is probably cheaper than what you’re paying for right now. Of course, it depends on the kind of service you’re looking for. Some custom PowerPoint design companies charge per hour. Others might evaluate your presentation and send you a budget for it as a whole. But you can also find professional PowerPoint design per slide -as low as $9 each! By hiring a custom PowerPoint design service, you’ll not have more free time and spend less money, while still receiving a better product than what you could have done by yourself.

Do you want to know more about the price for custom PowerPoint design & team and if it’s really a good option for you? Check this article to get an approximate budget on how getting a professional PowerPoint design for your business might cost you.


Get your own Dedicated Team of professional PowerPoint designers

You might be thinking that custom PowerPoint design might be good every once in a while. After all, not every single presentation needs the same amount of effort and time put into it. You can certainly pick your most important presentations and send them in to get a makeover that will impress your audience.

But for those constantly working on presentations, there’s an even better option: Getting a Dedicated PowerPoint Design Team. Getting a personal team of PowerPoint designers will make you stand out AND make your life so much easier. Dedicated teams are perfect for those companies that know that they’re going to have a constant flow of new slides that need to be designed.

So, why hire a dedicated team for your business PowerPoint custom design?

dedicated teams for custom PowerPoint design
Dedicated Teams allow you to send more specific and demanding requests…
dedicated teams for custom PowerPoint design
…and receive tailor-made designs!

Tailor-made PowerPoint designs that reflect your brand!

When considering PowerPoint design for business, it’s important to consider how much the designers understand about your company and the message you’re trying to convey. This is not a problem with dedicated teams. As I said before, you’ll always have the same team of designers working on your presentations.

But even better, they’ll go through an onboarding process. This means that they will go through the extra effort of learning any style and brand identity guidelines of your company. You’ll get better, tailor-made custom designs than what you could get from a common PowerPoint design service. And it’ll also allow you to create a cohesive feel between your presentations, making sure they’re all in the same line.

A dedicated team also means that the designers have more time to learn exactly what you’re looking for, and apply it to future presentations. In short, it improves communication and makes the whole design process even more effective. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and save time, getting a dedicated team for your custom PowerPoint design is definitely going to guarantee you that.


Special price discounts

Another really important thing to have into consideration is that hiring a dedicated team of custom PowerPoint designers means a considerable price reduction. This means saving around 50% to 85% of what the normal price would be. It’ll not only allow you to save money but also to send even more presentations for our designers to work on. Even secondary presentations’ design that you otherwise won’t consider paying for! You’ll get a professional PowerPoint design with a cohesive style for pretty much all the slides you want.

save time and money with custom PowerPoint design

Impress your audience with less effort!

Whether it’s your boss, a potential client, or even your own team, you can be guaranteed that custom PowerPoint design will make you stand out. And since your dedicated team of designers is already familiarized with your guidelines and preferences, getting a custom-made PowerPoint design means even less on an effort on your part. So you can let the designers work their magic on your presentation and forget about it!

With a dedicated team working on your presentations, you’ll have time to focus on more important things. Even better, you can share your dedicated team expertise with your entire team! Since dedicated teams work on credit packages, you can grant access to all your team to custom PowerPoint design. This will not only improve the overall quality of your presentations as a whole but also make sure that all your team’s presentations have the same style and feel. As the administrator of your custom PowerPoint design service, you can even manage their permissions and distribute credits as you see fit. And if you don’t use all your credit capacity, it simply accumulates for upcoming months!

In short, when thinking about PowerPoint design for business, especially those that work with a high amount of presentations on a monthly basis, a Dedicated Team can really become a powerful tool. You’ll be making sure that all your presentations have a wow factor AND a cohesive feeling between them. And even better, it’ll be cheaper and easier, as your designers will be specially trained to fulfill your needs!


Try 24Slides’ Dedicated Teams and change the way you use PowerPoint forever

24Slides offers dedicated teams of PowerPoint designers who are experts on creating outstanding presentations for some of the most well-known companies globally. And you can get a dedicated team too! Trust our team of professionals to turn any presentation into a masterpiece that will wow your audience.

Speak to our team to get your very own team of professional PowerPoint designers and get rid of PowerPoint presentations forever!

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