Don’t Get Creative in Your Presentations Without Considering These

You’re probably thinking that to make a more creative presentation, you’d simply need to make it stand out by adding all those “fireworks”. But gone are the days when creativity is just about including bells and whistles. This is especially true about corporate presentations; you want them to appear creative while keeping them slick and professional.

Instead, creativity in presentations is to communicate something unexpectedly which is effective, valuable and in hindsight, obvious. In short, creativity should be functional than just sensational.

Creativity in presentations should always be:


The danger with too much creativity is it can make your slides appear messy and cluttered. Consistency shouldn’t be sacrificed in favor of flair. Maintain a structure for your presentation from start to finish. Taking advantage of master pages makes your presentation more consistent across slides. This is where you can add a visually appealing header or background graphic to the top master page. Or where you can style the title and text boxes. Consistency also includes aligning your page elements.


One of the most exciting opportunities to be creative AND being natural with it is when presenting your data. Go with what’s natural among humans and that is to be mesmerized by stories. Data is often boring, stories aren’t. People care about other people, not numbers. Use your data to tell a story. Like, “why does this matter for them?” Analyze your data in a way that they give you a chance to tell a bigger story.

Another way to appeal to human nature is not to experiment with bold colors. Use contrasting colors that blend well together. This is also a great time to use your corporate color scheme. Use unnaturally bright colors sparingly. Again, choose 2-3 colors and practice consistency.

Finally, naturalness is seen in the way you use graphics. Far from giving a natural mood is using 20th century clipart. Try more modern but still creative means like using original graphics. Make sure they are clear, correctly resized and appropriately cropped to add authenticity and accuracy.


Avoid overdoing borders and keep your fonts simple and clean. Stick with common fonts. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a horrible default font replacing your carefully selected font. That’s because fonts aren’t naturally installed. An alternative would be, to embed your fonts. Same applies for inserting multimedia in your presentations.

Keep “fading” or “moving” transitions to a minimum. They may look fun but when used excessively, can be distracting.

Some of these tips might have shattered your usual concept of creativity. But when you think about it, these are essentially what makes creativity functional and hence, your presentation effective and amazing.

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Do you have other tips to share to be more creative in your presentations? Let us know through your comments below.