How to Embed a Font in PowerPoint

We just covered the importance of selecting the correct fonts for your presentation on our last blog post. Font choice is crucial in presentation design. Not only it support the content, but it also plays an important part to set the tone of your presentation. The following is a step by step guide on how to embed a font in PowerPoint presentation.

How to Embed a Font in PowerPoint

  • Go to “FILE”
  • Click “SAVE/SAVE AS”
  • Select “BROWSE” to choose where you are going to save your presentation, or pick one of the recent folders
  • On “SAVE/SAVE AS” window, click “TOOLS” then click “SAVE OPTION”
  • On “Save Options” Window, look for “Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation” then tick “Embed fonts in the file”

Special Notes:

  • You can choose “Embed only the characters used in the presentation” for embedding characters which are only used in your presentation. This makes your file size smaller.
  • Or, choose “Embed all characters” for embedding all character sets of the fonts you are using. This option is best if you want to re-edit your presentation in the future.
  • Next, click “OK”
  • Finally, click “SAVE” to save your presentation.

And the below infographic is the illustrated guide on how to embed a font in PowerPoint.

how to embed a font in powerpoint

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