Employee Recognition For Improving Your Productivity

Recognizing your team’s efforts and achievements is incredibly important. It can be key for building up motivation and building resilience for facing new challenges. Public recognition, especially, can go a long way in making people feel appreciated and valued. Here you’ll find 5 easy tips to upgrade your employee recognition practices. Plus, free PowerPoint templates to give the spotlight to those who deserve it!

employee recognition

Why is employee recognition important?

Making people feel their work appreciated can play a huge role in improving productivity in the workplace. Employee recognition can make workers feel more motivated and focused on doing their tasks. Recognition and appreciation are essential for inspiring people and making them want to be better and do more. Think about it this way: if you knew you’ll be getting no appreciation, even if you get amazing results, you’ll probably don’t feel very motivated to do your best, right?

Many people end up trapped in the ‘bare minimum’ mindset. They do their job and finish their tasks, but that’s it. Employee recognition is actually a great way to break this and promote creativity and initiative in your workers. Feeling acknowledged plays a big role in feeling like you belong. Is about being seen and respected.

That’s why employee recognition is also a sign of good leadership. It can make your team members feel closer. And, since their efforts are being respected, they’ll probably respect you more too. Giving appreciation to a job well done is essential for building up a feeling of fairness within your team.

5 easy ways to acknowledge your team

Small actions can go a long way! You don’t have to constantly hype them up. But a little appreciation is key for people feeling like their work matters. So if you see something that is worth praising, why don’t do it? Here are 5 easy ways you can improve employee recognition in your team.


1. Say ‘Thank you’

Gratefulness can sometimes end up taking the back seat when we’re feeling stressed, or if there is the feeling that people are just “doing their job”. However, things as easy as saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can contribute to creating a more respectful, positive work environment. Even more, a simple ‘thank you’ is essential for feeling your work appreciated. Especially if you notice how fast or well someone has done a task. Or if they have had to put another task on hold to work on your request. A ‘thank you’ is an open recognition of the effort someone has put in a task, and it’s a great, straightforward way to improve employee recognition.


2. Speak up!

In a busy business world, it’s sometimes easy to forget about verbalizing appreciation. But employee recognition is all about speaking up those thoughts that can sometimes be taken as a given. If you’re in a brainstorming session and someone has a great idea, say it out loud! If you try a team member’s suggestion and it turns out great, let them know!


3. Add positive feedback

If your company does performance reviews, this can be a great opportunity to verbalize your appreciation for a specific job well-done. Even if it’s something as simple as ‘I really like how you manage…’ can go a long way. Not only it’ll make their efforts feel valued and recognized, but it’ll also give them indications of what you expect from them and what to focus on. Just be careful that your employee recognition doesn’t end up as a feedback sandwich!


4. Give opportunities and promotions

Of course, a promotion or a pay rise is the most obvious, straightforward way to show employee recognition. However, these are not always possible in those specific circumstances. Still, is very important that despite the fact that you can’t give them a promotion at that exact moment, your team members still feel appreciated and their work recognized. Giving opportunities is a great way to show how much you value their job. Maybe it can be the opportunity to learn something new and expand their potential. Or the possibility of managing a campaign themselves and progress professionally. Giving brand new responsibilities and opportunities to someone who has proven up for the task can really help them feel valued.


5. Give public employee recognition

Finally, public recognition is a great way to make people feel pride in their job. This kind of employee recognition can play a key role in feeling validated and recognized by their peers too. And, it can even help your team feel more motivated in future tasks or campaigns, as they will know that effort and hard work is recognized. You can give public recognition in many different ways. For example, a newsletter to detail the company’s performance and who have been the key players since the last one. Of, if you do catch-up meetings, for example, you can add a segment to highlight the employees who have stood out that month. The most important thing is that people feel that the people around them know they’ve done a good job!


Free PowerPoint templates for employee recognition

As said before, public recognition of work well done can go a long way. If someone on your team has done an outstanding job, bringing it up in your monthly meeting might be worth it. Or if your team has faced a new challenge and have risen up to it, mentioning it can be a great step for facing similar challenges in the future.

If you’re looking for ways to include employee recognition into your presentations, here are some great slides that can be useful!

Creative Congratulatory PowerPoint Template

congratulatory PowerPoint template

You can add any of these slides to your presentation to give your employees the recognition they deserve. Give the spotlight to those who have worked hard for reaching their achievements and motivate your team to go even further. This congratulatory slides template has a wide array of layouts and designs you can use.


Award PowerPoint Template

employee recognition PowerPoint template

This Award-themes PowerPoint template is a great pick for enhancing employee recognition. And it includes several graphs and charts too! This way you’ll be able to support who has stood out from the rest with hard data. Give credit where credit is due with this template’s fun designs.


Creative Superhero PowerPoint Template

superhero powerpoint template

If you want a more playful approach to employee recognition, try this superhero theme! Superheroes are those who go above and beyond expectations, those who achieve what nobody else can. So they are the perfect metaphor for anyone in your team who’s performance stood out!


Employee Newsletter PowerPoint Template

employee recognition newsletter powerpoint template

There are many different ways to work on employee recognition beyond a public presentation. And PowerPoint has many different uses beyond just presentations! You can use this amazing template to create a newsletter that recognizes the achievements and efforts of your team. With this amazing employee newsletter, you can give your team the recognition they deserve without putting them under the spotlight of a public presentation.


As always, all the PowerPoint presentation templates listed here are completely free. You can download as many templates as you want in Templates by 24Slides. You can even mix and match slides to make the perfect presentation for you!