Five Things James Bond Can Teach You About Presenting

1. Have style.

Daniel Craig, and all of the previous Bond’s had style; their personality as well as their appearence. The best presentation designs have the James Bond style. Think about the slides that Steve Job was using for his Keynotes. The same does the new CEO, Timothy Cook. Next time you are doing a presentation focus on making your slides stylish and coherent. A good source of inspiration is Slideshare, you can also see of the slide examples here.

2. Use few words.

When you talk with 007, he will answer you with as few words as possible to get his message across. How few words could you delete from your presentation while still getting your message across? Try to simplify the presentation you’ve done a million times, and see what happens. There is actually a presentation design style that are using this principle to extreme.

3. Take a leap.

Remeber the begining of Goldeneye? where Pierce Brosnon jumps of the dam? If you’ve ever tried bungy jump you remember the rush of adrenaline going through the body seconds before you jump. That feeling of adrenaline is good. It should be there just before you are about to present. It means you are pushing your comfort zone. If you don’t have that feeling, it’s because you haven’t taken a leap with what you are presenting. Even if you are doing the exact same presentation as you’ve done a million times then you should change something everytime to make it interesting. Change the way you start the presentation. Change the way you move while doing your presentation. Tell a joke. Take a leap.

4. Use humour.

One of the things that I enjoy most about James Bond movies is the mix of humour and action. For some reason, it makes the experience so much better. It also shows a lot of confidence to add humour when you speak. Personally, I hate listening to presentations that are just filled with facts. But when mixed with some humour and storytelling, the message is suddenly much easier to remember. Try that next time. A good tip is to START with humour. You have then set the scene for the rest of the talk.

5. Be confident.

Confidence is the most important asset of James Bond. There is no hesitation in his decisions. He always believes in his decisions. People then follow. It’s human nature. If you aren’t 100% confident with what you are presenting, then practice some more or do more research to back the facts you are presenting. This is will help you be confident when you speak. If the auidence feel an insecurity, your message will be experienced as insecure as well.

Here is the presentation style I referred to in #2, try The Lessig Method .