Free Dark Templates for Your PowerPoint Presentations!

When designing a PowerPoint presentation, dark backgrounds are a great option to consider! A dark background will make your presentation look more sleek and clean, and will make your information stand out even more. Here you’ll find 24 amazing dark PowerPoint templates that you can download for free!

dark marketing PowerPoint template

The color black is usually associated with unhappiness, mourning, and even evil. But black can also represent power and sophistication. For example, black tie events. Many famous brands use black, as it conveys sleekness, luxuriousness, and even a little bit of mystery. Dark colors, like navy blue and burgundy, are created combining other brighter colors with black. And as such, often share the same symbolic meanings, like seriousness and dignity.

That’s why using dark backgrounds is such a great option when making PowerPoint presentations. A dark background can make your presentation look cleaner and more professional. Bright colors create a great contrast against dark backgrounds, making your presentation more striking and memorable. And as PowerPoint default presentations have a white slate format, a dark background is automatically more eye-catching and interesting!

Here you’ll find the best dark background PowerPoint templates from our Templates by 24Slides platform. You can download them all for free, and start using them right away. From navy blue to dark purple, from a blackboard PowerPoint template to plain color block designs, any of these will help you create a unique presentation that will wow your audience.

Dark Business Resources PowerPoint Templates

A business presentation can really benefit from a dark background. That’s why here you’ll find some of the very best dark PowerPoint templates you can download for free. The business resources go all the way from a complete business plan to a marketing strategy, to map templates. All of these with amazing dark background designs that will make your information stand out!

Dark themed 30 Slide Template Pack

dark business PowerPoint template

If you’re looking for a dark PowerPoint template that can showcase absolutely everything about your business, then this presentation is the one for you! This super pack includes 30 dark-themed slides that will help you give your audience a complete overview of your company and your services. From all kinds of diagrams and maps to a SWOT analysis slides, this dark PowerPoint template will help you create a truly striking presentation.

Business Model Canvas Template

business canvas model powerpoint template

The Business Model Canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder, of Strategyzer, and has ever since become one of the most versatile tools for businesses. The dark theme of this PowerPoint template works especially well for the Business Canvas, as it helps to highlight the most important points you chose to share with your audience. Here you’ll find 7 different versions of the Business Model Canvas, ready for you to edit and use.

Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template

dark PowerPoint template marketing

Marketing Strategy is one of those things you can’t forget about if you want to become successful. This PowerPoint template combines a dark blue business-like background with hot pink details to convey both trustworthiness and creativity. Exactly what you need for framing your marketing strategy presentation! It also features different charts and diagrams so you can back up your ideas with some hard data.

Corporate Hierarchy Template

corporate hierarchy powerpoint template

A corporate hierarchy presentation is an amazing tool for introducing new members to the company culture. It allows everyone to be on the same page concerning responsibilities and making clear who specific projects and areas answer to. Blue is a great color for conveying seriousness and a business-like mood. So the dark blue background of this PowerPoint template is the perfect fit!

Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

business dark PowerPoint template

Just like the previous one, the dark blue background of this PowerPoint template is perfect for a business presentation! The corporate-style slides you’ll find here are perfectly curated so you can showcase all the information you need. Use its timeline slides and bar and circle diagrams to show a potential investor or client everything they need to know about your business plan.

United States Map Infographic Template

US maps powerpoint template

Maps are a great visual aid to add to your presentation in order to show area and distribution information concerning your business. This dark background PowerPoint template includes United States maps and combines them with great data-based diagrams and charts. Spider diagrams, circle graphs, bar graphs, it has all you could need to show both data and geographical location in the same slide.

Company Family Tree Template

company powerpoint template

Just like the Corporate Hierarchy presentation, this dark PowerPoint template is another great take to introduce your audience to your company’s organization. Its bright colors stand perfectly against its gray background. And it also includes profile slides so you can share with your audience the most important players in your business environment.

Online Event Schedule Template

business event powerpoint template

Organizing meetings and scheduling events it’s no easy task! That’s why this dark PowerPoint template is such a great option for you! It includes calendar slides, timeline slides, and daily schedules so you can share with your audience all that you’re planning ahead. And the bright colors against its dark background helps to make its design even more eye-catching and engaging.

Dark Tech Templates for PowerPoint

Technology has completely changed the world, and it keeps evolving every single day. Black and dark colors usually represent power and sleekness. And that’s precisely why these dark PowerPoint templates are such a good pick for your tech presentation!

If you’re looking for tech-themed presentations, you can also check out these 18 free Digital and Mobile Technologies PowerPoint templates!

Tech Startup Pitch Deck Template

dark tech powerpoint template

24Slides playful style is great for creating unique and eye-catching presentations. This presentation’s designs will convey creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking for your pitch! Its tech-themed illustrations will help you look both fun and professional. Dark backgrounds are great for conveying a little bit of mystery too, perfect for intriguing your audience and luring them to get to know more about your product.

Tech Slide Deck Template

tech powerpoint template

If you’re not feeling the playful style, or looking for something soberer and more business-like, then check this slide pack! This dark PowerPoint template is perfect for any tech-themed presentation. Its icons will help you convey complex ideas in visual ways. Its design includes slides with digital devices, so your audience never forgets the topic at hand.

IT Network PowerPoint Template

it dark PowerPoint template

This PowerPoint template is the perfect example of a beautiful dark gradient background. This is a great option for making your presentation look more professional than just having a color block background, but without distracting your audience from what matters the most. And the yellow and hot pink details will help enhance your information even more. This data-based template will allow you to wow your audience with its different graphs and charts.

Cyber Security PowerPoint Template

cyber security powerpoint template

In the technology-driven world of today, cybersecurity is one of the most important issues for businesses. This PowerPoint template dark background will help you convey all the trustworthiness and confidence you need for such an important topic. It also includes several graphs, like circle diagrams and maps, so you can convey all your data-based information in visually engaging ways. And its tech-themed icons will help your presentation look more professional and clean.

Electric Power Company Presentation Template

electricity powerpoint template

Electricity has made possible all the technology we have nowadays! That’s why this free PowerPoint template would be a great fit for any tech-related presentation. Even better, the dark background of this PowerPoint template works perfectly to show your presentation content shining through! From lightbulbs to lighting to charging cellphones, all in this template is design to showcase electricity and all that can be accomplished through it.

Video Game Pitch Deck Template

video game powerpoint template

When talking about technology, we can’t forget about video games! Whether you are in the video game business, or simply want to give your presentation a more playful approach, this themed PowerPoint is perfect for you! It includes amazing custom-made icons and illustrations that showcase the video game industry. Details matter when making a truly outstanding presentation, and this PowerPoint template’s dark background even has a video game-inspired pattern!

Dark Science PowerPoint Templates

While dark colors are not what we usually think of when thinking about science, that doesn’t mean it can’t work out! Especially for outer-space topics, dark colors can be a huge plus when working on your science presentation. Here you’ll find 4 amazing designs for it!

If these are not exactly what you were looking for, you can check out this collection of free pharmaceutical and science PowerPoint templates!

The Human Brain Presentation Template

free dark powerpoint templates

The key to using dark backgrounds in your PowerPoint presentations is to have bright colors and engaging visuals that can create contrast with it. And that’s exactly what this presentation does! The sky blue and orange complement each other perfectly, and the dark background helps make them pop up even more. Whether it’s for a science-theme presentation, or just to put emphasis on your new ideas and projects, this PowerPoint template will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Space Science Slides Templates

space powerpoint template

The outer spacer is one of the most interesting topics in science because there’s still so much to learn. This dark PowerPoint template represents perfectly all the mystery that space represents for us. And at the same time, its cute illustrations help bring the topic closer to your audience and make it more engaging.

Solar Power System PowerPoint Presentation

space powerpoint template

If you’re looking for an outer space presentation a little bit more serious but that’s still eye-catching, then consider this dark PowerPoint template. This is the perfect presentation to use when talking about earth resources and to put things into perspective. And its dark design will help you keep that mysterious aura while giving it a much more business-like approach.

Galaxy Themed PowerPoint Template

galaxy powerpoint template

Finally, if the last option is still too casual, then check out this one! This PowerPoint template still has a dark background, albeit a much more simple and sober one. This is a much data-driven version of the previous dark PowerPoint templates. It includes circle and bar graphs, as well as a couple of sequential slides so you can add all the information you see fit.

Fun and Playful Dark PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint presentations don’t have to be boring or dull! Dare to experiment a little and use a different approach for common topics. You can use a superhero-themed presentation to introduce your team or to showcase the specific habilities you need. If you are bored of traditional presentations, spice it up with a blackboard-themed PowerPoint template! It’s up to you and your imagination to find a good use for this unique presentation options!

Creative Chalkboard Template

blackboard powerpoint template

Mix traditional and technology with this blackboard PowerPoint template! Chalkboards are something most of us will recognize from our school days. With this presentation, you’ll bring to the table something that’s both unique and traditional at the same time, and create a long-lasting impression in your audience. Maps, bar charts, circle diagrams… Just like a real blackboard, you can use this PowerPoint template for conveying pretty much anything!

Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

blackboard powerpoint template

Do you like the idea of a blackboard PowerPoint presentation, but are not quite sure about the previous one’s design? This chalkboard presentation offers you a much more detailed and less playful approach to the chalkboard theme. It has more “realistic” illustrations that follow the blackboard design and will help you catch your audience’s attention from the get-go.

Fun Superheroes Story PowerPoint Template

superhero powerpoint template

Superhero movies are quite popular nowadays. So why not take advantage of this for your presentation? Superheroes usually represent the very best among us. You can use this imagery to talk about your team, or the abilities required to improve and grow. The dark blue background will help you convey trustworthiness while still creating a unique and inspiring take.

Tactical Shooter Game Presentation Template

tactical presentation

The tactical shooter imagery can represent accuracy and expertise. This makes this dark PowerPoint template great for talking about specific tasks and abilities within your business. Or you can use the tactical shooter slides to convey taking a strategic approach. In short, it’s a great option for presenting common business issues from a fresh, more creative perspective.

Star Wars Themed Presentation

star wars powerpoint template

If you’re looking for a dark PowerPoint template, then consider embracing the Dark Side of the Force! Star Wars has become a constant point of reference in popular culture. If you’re looking to make a memorable and unique presentation, then look no further. This presentation will give you all the tools you need to take a playful approach to any topic. Its cute custom-made illustrations will certainly put a smile on your audience’s face.

Star Wars PowerPoint Template

star wars powerpoint template

If you’re considering using a Star Wars-themed presentation, but you need more data-based slides, then consider this one! This dark PowerPoint template takes pictures from the Star Wars saga and adds them to data-driven slides to create amazing and unique layouts.

All the dark PowerPoint templates are completely free for you to download and start using right away! And if you haven’t found exactly what you’ve been looking for, Templates by 24Slides has hundreds of slides that you can edit and customize to fit your needs.

Make your own dark backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations!

Do you want to be able to make your own, custom dark backgrounds for your presentations? Single color backgrounds can feel over-simplistic and give the impression that you haven’t put much effort into it. It makes presentations look flat and unprofessional. Here you’ll find a quick and easy way 24Slides’ designers use to create dark backgrounds. You just need to follow these quick steps:

1. Pick a picture for your background

Pick any picture or pattern you want for your presentation. Just remember that the background should not overshadow your presentation’s content! Make sure that it will not distract your audience from what really matters.

2. Fit your picture to your slide

You can use the crop tool to make sure your picture fits perfectly your slide. Select your image > Picture Format Tab > Crop > Aspect Ratio. Pick the one that fits your slide size (usually 4:3 or 16:9).

crop pictures powerpoint

Now you just need to drag your picture to make it fit your slide. Don’t forget to select the Lock aspect ratio option in the Size Options Window so your image doesn’t get distorted!

lock aspect ratio powerpoint

3. Add a transparent shape over it

Go to the Insert Tab > Shapes and draw a rectangle that fits your slide. It will completely cover your picture at first. Select it, and go to the Shape Format Tab and open the Format Shape Window.

create powerpoint dark backgrounds

Choose the color you want for your background, and start to slowly add up to the rectangle’s transparency. You’ll see how your picture now has somewhat of a “film” over it that makes it perfect for a non-distracting dark background! I don’t recommend going over 20% transparency, as it’ll make the picture too clear and might make your slide’s content hard to read.

And that’s it! Now you have a custom-made dark background for your PowerPoint presentation. The best thing is you can pick whatever color you want, and make it as transparent as you see fit.