How to Choose the Right Presentation Design Company

Choosing Presentation Design Company

If you have a presentation to make and are working within a tight deadline yet you lack adequate presentation and design skills, it is easy to quickly decide to enlist the services of a presentation design company. However, choosing the right presentation design company that suits your needs may not be as easy.

Before determining which particular company might be able to help, consider which kind of presentation design company first would suit your budget, purpose, working style and timeline. Currently, there are 3 main types of presentation design companies and looking at the benefits and drawbacks of each can help you identify the most suitable one to outsource your presentation needs:

a)     Crowdsourcing services.

A booming trend in recent years, crowdsourcing outsources tasks like presentation designs to large group of online community. Sites like designcrowd, crowdspring and 99designs are a few websites that solicit contributions from the “crowd” instead of the usual employees or suppliers.

Benefits: In line with the saying that goes “two heads are better than one”, crowdsourcing’s main appeal is that you are able to have an extensive array of ideas to choose from. This brainstorming of possibilities can inspire you for more ideas which would otherwise not have been thought of by yourself or just by a limited pool of people. Since the uniqueness of presentation designs also relies heavily on creativity, there is an explosive wealth of innovative ideas to draw from users of various backgrounds.

Drawbacks: Because crowdsourcing is generally outsourced to an undefined public, quality can be compromised. Since ideas and solutions may also come from amateurs or volunteers, the final result produced can likewise lack a professional touch. As sources can be questionable, so can this reflect in the originality of the works. Moreover, the lack of structure will mean there is no fixed turnaround time and less interaction between the crowd and the client. You can hardly convey the specific information you want about the final product which will again, decrease the quality. Finally, despite these cons, some crowdsourcing companies still offer expensive services even just for basic designs.

b)     Classical Design Companies.

Unlike crowdsourcing, classical designs companies that specialize in presentation design, template or banner designing and the like have long been around. The process is just like any other traditional service company where you initially contact them and discuss your needs while they provide a quote and afterwards, work on your presentation according to your specifications. Duarte is one such top agency but there are also other known companies like Propoint Graphics, Presentation Team and Eyeful Presentations that offer similar services.

Benefits: Since many of these companies have extensive experience and is run by a team of professionals, you can expect more quality, high-end presentations. And because they are more structured, you can actually establish a relationship and rapport with someone from the team whom you can reach out to for defining what you like and when exactly you need it. Many of these traditional design companies also offer presentation coaching and tips which are more accurate and reliable given their years of experience in the industry.

Drawbacks: With value for the work produced also likely comes high value in terms of pricing. The steep cost can be a significant barrier for those who would just like to do an internal presentation or modify one or for a smaller company with a limited budget. Looking at the line of multinational clients these companies have may look impressive but can also be daunting for newer companies. You may also end up spending much time communicating back and forth regarding your requirements.

c)     Online presentation design service.

This is actually a combination of the two types. It’s not really known term (yet), but I think it covers pretty good what it is. An online presentation design company brings the platform from crowdsourcing while maintaining the quality and professional customer support of classical design companies. I consider 24Slides to be in this category.

Benefits: In contrast to classical design firms and many crowdsourcing agencies, online presentation design companies are more cost-effective. The lower cost can be more inviting for smaller companies or those who have simpler requirements. Yet the savings in cost will not compromise quality because like classical design companies, online presentation design firms follow a structured process like having a fixed delivery time and customizing the design specifically according to your objectives. The process is streamlined but simplified, making it less intimidating and time consuming for clients.

Drawbacks: As online presentation companies may be newer, they may not possess the same credibility yet that have already been established by larger classical design companies. Another drawback is that it can be hard to for some to communicate exactly what they want. And when you are not sitting next to the person, it can create challenges. In our experience, this is only a fraction of the work though, but it’s good to be aware that some things are just easier to do in-house where you can sit together side-by-side.