How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF Quickly and Easily

PDF is one of the most used formats in business nowadays. Its versatility helps it have an almost universal outreach. So, can it be used alongside with PowerPoint? Definitely! In this quick guide, you’ll find out how you can easily convert PowerPoint to PDF in just 4 steps.

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Why convert PowerPoint to PDF?

Ever since its appearance in the early 90s, PDF has become one of the document formats with a wider outreach. Portable Document Format (PDF) popularity rests in being able to support many kinds of content, from text to multimedia, to even interactive elements.

What’s maybe even more important, is that there are hundreds for opening and managing PDF files. Some are just readers, others can be used to add annotations and signatures, and so on. It’s all about finding one that meets your needs. And with the wide offer there is out there, you can rest assured that finding the one for you won’t be a difficult task. Many of them are also free, and that definitely contributes to PDF popularity.

Even better, most (if not all) of smartphones nowadays can open PDF files by default. This is not the case of Microsoft Office documents. For these, users need to choose and install an app that can open the specific file. Or, in any case, have Google Drive in order to save it in their private cloud storage. Only then will they be able to open the document. By converting your PowerPoint into a PDF document, you will also be making sure that whoever receives it can open in the spot.

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How to convert PowerPoint to PDF

When you convert PowerPoint to PDF, you will receive a document with your slides as an image. This makes it a great tool to share your presentations. Whether it is to send it someone that doesn’t have Microsoft Office or to be able to attach a lighter file to an e-mail, PDF can really take you out of a tight spot. Converting PowerPoint presentations to PDF files is also useful if you’re trying to print your slides. Converting it to PDF will give you the chance to take a look at exactly how it’s going to look after you print it. In any case, how to convert PowerPoint to PDF is definitely handy knowledge to have.


Convert PowerPoint to PDF step by step

It is important to have in mind that once you convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file, you will NOT be able to edit it any longer. So make sure that you’re picking the latest version to convert!


1. Once you have your presentation’s final version, go to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document. Choose the only option “Create PDF/XPS Document”. This will open a dialogue box. Here you’ll be able to choose where to save your new document.

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Otherwise, you can also use the option File > Save as > Browse. This will take you to the same File Explorer dialogue box for you to choose where to save your document. Once you have chosen your document’s folder, you have to go to the drop-down menu Save as type and choose the pick the PDF option.

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Both options guide you to the exact same dialogue box and options, so it’s just a matter of preference. Use what feels more comfortable for you!


2. Choose your optimization option. There is the Standard option, great for printing. If you’re planning to send it through e-mail, the Minumum size option may be for you, since it will help you make the file as small as possible.

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3. Pick the Options button to customize your PDF. It will open a second dialogue box where you can tune some aspects of your new document. You can choose if you want to save all the slides or specific ones (and which ones). You can choose to include the PowerPoint notes and comments. And you can pick how many slides per page you want there to be. Once you’re ready, just pick Okay, and it’ll bring you back to the first dialogue box.

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4. Suggestion: This is not mandatory, but I found it very useful. Before you save your new PDF document, make sure the option Open file after publishing is ticked. This way, you’ll see immediately how your presentation looks when saved as a PDF.

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If it’s not what you’re expecting, don’t worry!. Just return to your original PowerPoint presentation and change the Options until you’re happy with the result.


How to convert PowerPoint to PDF without Microsoft Office

Converting PowerPoint to PDF is pretty straightforward when you have Microsoft Office. But what happens if you’re the one that has received a presentation and doesn’t have Microsoft Office to open in?

Don’t worry, it’s not impossible. There are many online services that allow you to convert documents. You can upload documents even if you’re not able to open them yourself, so it’s a great option for those without Microsoft Office. Online document converters like I Love PDF and Zamzar can be lifesavers if you need to open a file in a format you don’t have a software for.

The downside of these online converters is that they don’t offer many customizing possibilities. Most likely, most of them will give you a standard document of either 1 or 6 slides per page. But in any case, at least you’ll be able to open the document.


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