How to Make PowerPoint Presentations Faster

Making a PowerPoint presentation can take a lot of time and effort. If you work with them on a regular basis, presentation design can take quite a toll on the time you have left for other tasks. Here you’ll find how to make PowerPoint presentations faster in order to free time for more important tasks.

how to make PowerPoint presentations faster

It’s very easy to end up with an ugly-looking presentation. After all, no one wants to spend all day working on presentation design knowing the content is what really matters. However, a bad presentation design can affect negatively your presentation and the way your audience views you. Bad presentations can make you look unreliable and unprofessional. But making good slides that not only showcase your information but also convey your brand it’s a hard thing to do. Here are 3 easy ways to enhance your PowerPoint presentations while still spending less time on them.


1. PowerPoint Templates

The easiest way to get a good-looking PowerPoint presentation? Templates of course! Templates are pre-formatted files you can fill with your own information. When looking for how to make PowerPoint presentations faster, templates are probably the first option that will come to your mind. Templates offer you good designs you can alter and adapt to your own needs.

PowerPoint templates

You can access amazing templates directly from PowerPoint itself. Like most Microsoft Office products, PowerPoint offers a wide array of templates and designs you can use completely for free. When opening a new presentation, you just need to pick the option Themes. There you can search manually for any specific topic or design. You can even find templates for other things you can design with PowerPoint, like infographics for example.

A less known possibility is Microsoft Office Premium templates. If you are a subscriber of Office 365 you get access to even more high-quality templates. Since PowerPoint default templates can be a bit generic, it’s definitely a resource to take into consideration.


Specialized PowerPoint Templates

However, whether it’s design-wise or the types of slides your presentation demands, it’s unlikely that any template will fit your presentation perfectly. While templates are a great starting point to build up your presentation from, you’ll probably still need to spend some time editing and altering them. When looking for how to make PowerPoint faster, it’s important that the template fits as best as possible what you were looking for.

If you’re willing to pay, you can even find really specialized PowerPoint templates available on different online sites, like Creative Market. You’ll still need to edit them and add your information, but you’ll probably find one that suits your needs better than Office’s more common designs.

free PowerPoint templates by 24Slides

But there are some amazing free resources for those looking for how to make PowerPoint presentations faster. Templates by 24Slides, for example, offers an incredible array of templates completely for free. You just need to register with your email, and you’ll be able to download as many templates as you like. You can even mix-and-match slides from different templates so you can make sure your base slides have all the elements you need.


2. PowerPoint Design Ideas Tool

However, if you’re looking for a very specific topic, or have a very specific design in your mind, you might not find a template that fits your needs that well. So, how to make PowerPoint presentations faster when you have to do them from scratch? If you want to make your own slides, then the PowerPoint Design Ideas Tool will be your best friend.

PowerPoint Design Ideas Tool

The Design Ideas tool is an incredibly intuitive design feature that will help you upgrade your presentations. You just need to add a couple of lines, and PowerPoint will automatically suggest a professional-looking design and layout. It even suggests illustrations and icons depending on the content of your slides. And it intuitively suggests graphics and charts so your content can be more visually engaging to your audience. So, for example, if you add a list of events and dates, the PowerPOint Design Ideas feature will give you an option for transforming it into a timeline. You can learn more about how to use the Design Ideas tool here.


3. Professional PowerPoint Design Services

If you want to learn how to make PowerPoint presentations faster it’s probably because you could use the time spent on them on way better things. So if you want not only to spend less time on PowerPoint presentations but completely forget about them, this option is for you! Hiring a professional PowerPoint design service will assure you that you don’t only free your time for more important tasks, but also that you’ll end up with an amazing final product that will amaze your audience.

how to make PowerPoint presentations faster

The best thing about a good professional PowerPoint service is that you’ll end up with a truly customized design. While templates might look a bit generic and common, hiring professional PowerPoint designers will make sure that your presentation is both unique and conveys all your information in the best possible way. You’ll be able to showcase your brand in the best possible way, make sure that you get your audience’s attention exactly where you want it to be, and forget about the task of doing presentations forever.

how to make PowerPoint presentations faster

If you work on presentations constantly, custom PowerPoint design is an investment that might change your life. A good PowerPoint design provider will make sure that not only are all your needs met, but also secure confidentiality of whatever information you share with them.

Learn how to make PowerPoint presentations faster by picking and hiring the best PowerPoint design company for you. It’ll change the way you do presentations forever!