INFOGRAPHIC: Body Language : 6 Mistakes You May be Making And How to Fix Them

” Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes.” -Amy Cuddy

 The more we research about Body Language, the more we realize it has a capital importance in all aspects of life. Of course, it’ never as important as when we are presenting. We all know that it plays the most important role in the image we give of ourselves, especially when talking to an audience.  Social scientists such as Amy Cuddy have discovered  that the simple fact of changing your position can affect the chemicals of your body and make you feel more confident. For more info on the topic, Have a look at her recent TED talk: it’s passionating!

Once we know that, we definitely want to start working on our Body Language! Here is an infographic that will help you improve it significantly just by fixing 6 most common mistakes you may be making, even though you don’t know it!