INFOGRAPHIC: New Year’s Eve Traditions

Everyone wants to start the new year with the right foot. A new year usually gives us the feeling of a fresh start and the hope that we can leave the bad things of the last year behind us. But exactly because of that, some people go the extra mile to make sure this year is going to be better than the last. Check out this infographic of some of the most interesting New Year’s Eve traditions around the world.

Infographic new years eve traditions

Did any of these New Year’s Eve traditions catch your eye? There are some that are pretty popular and easy to do. Eating 12 grapes at midnight, wearing new underwear or using polka dots clothes are options that are definitely not that hard to do. As long as you plan them with some minimum anticipation, they’re some pretty undemanding traditions. And if they give you even the smallest chance of getting some good luck… Well, you don’t lose anything by trying!

You might want to be a little more careful if you’re thinking about replicating some other New Year’s Eve traditions. Just be careful if you’re thinking about burning something or throwing dishes! Also, your neighbors might not be happy if you decide to follow Buddhist tradition and ring a bell 108 times.


Happy New Year!

In any case, New Year is a great moment to do what makes you feel good and to surround yourself with your loved ones. Whether it’s following any of these New Year’s Eve traditions, partying, or maybe just resting, it depends on you. But it’s always good to give this moment to yourself to start the new year with renewed energy. Just do whatever floats your boat!

And if you feel like tilting the good luck scale in your favor for this upcoming year, it certainly won’t hurt trying some of these New Year’s Eve traditions!

From the 24Slides family, we wish you all a Happy New Year, and an even greater 2020!