Why you should Invest in Professional PowerPoint Slides and How

Why you should Invest in Professional PowerPoint Slides and How from 24Slides

Importance of PowerPoint presentations

Like your website or flyer, a PowerPoint presentation is often the first piece of valuable information that leaves a good or bad impression to investors or partners. Here are the benefits of accompanying any presentation with PowerPoint slides:


Slides allow you to harness the compelling power of images, video, audio and highlight texts to have greater visual impact for your audience. It gives your presentation that “WOW” effect.


Make your presentation more interactive and engaging, whether with your audience or your team members. Colleagues can also leave comments and update your presentation.

Content focus and sharing

Give even those who miss your presentation a chance to review your presentation anytime, anywhere. Easily upload your presentation to any video sharing sites like YouTube.


A PowerPoint presentation is one of the most dynamic tools to explore various ways to communicate with your audience. Slides can be customized depending on your interests and needs. Editing is also quick and easy.

In a nutshell, PowerPoint presentations are easy to use but also highly powerful.

3 things a custom PowerPoint presentation can do for you

So if everyone understands the benefits of PowerPoint slides in their presentations and use them, what can make yours different from the rest? This is where the importance of having custom presentations comes in.

It’s also one reason why custom PowerPoint design is no longer an option but a necessary marketing investment. It has become a crucial marketing tool as having a business card or putting up a corporate website.

A custom presentation design will:

  • Serve as the framework from which your slides will be created and used for other projects and presentations. Different presentations may require unique versions. But they will all draw from the same graphic design elements. So if you think about it, your investment can really go a long way.
  • Help you achieve maximum consistency throughout. This consistent look and feel not just within each presentation but across all your marketing collaterals will carry your brand identity throughout.
  • Have structure, balance and consistency in the use of colors, fonts, logos, size, image and even motion to better connect with and engage your audience. Your presentation will look professional, fresh and uncluttered while still complying with basic design guidelines. Your audience will focus more on your message. Critical data will stand out.

Do’s and Don’ts when doing your PowerPoint slides

But any custom PowerPoint presentation should not just be about you. Sadly, we tend to easily focus on ourselves when creating presentations instead of seeing it from the audience’s perspective. Here are some common mistakes when creating PowerPoint presentations and what you should be doing instead:


  • Make it too formal, lest you appear stiff, nervous or unconfident.  Any presentation shouldn’t just be a data dump.
  • Overdo content. Humans can only absorb and process limited amount of information within a limited time. Cognitive overloading may result; any essential information can also become totally lost.
  • Make your presentation long-winded. An average adult only has 15-20 minute attention span. We tend to focus on what else we need to add instead of what to remove. Less is more.
  • Decorate your slides. You’re after design, not flashy décor. Avoid overdoing effects, transitions or animations as these only scream “amateur” to your audience.


  • Tell a story. Stories captivate your audience; they make it easier for them to absorb your message in an engaging, fun and non-threatening way. Provide a certain perspective like a storyboard which the data itself cannot accomplish.
  • Add content only when it supports, rather than repeat what you’re saying. Content should simply augment your presentation. Instead of texts, use relevant images which enhance your presentation and don’t distract.
  • Keep presentations short. To make your audience remember more, trim down content to the shortest length possible.
  • Uphold professionalism by maintaining consistency in usage of fonts and colors.

4 E’s of Why you should hire a professional designer for your presentations

Consequently, when your presentation can make or break the deal, so can your PowerPoint. And this is when doing it all on your own isn’t going to be enough. Here are 4 E’s of why you should invest on a professional designer for equally professional PowerPoint presentations:


Make yourself look like an expert by making your PowerPoint look like one too. Employ the skills of experts to provide professional visual design while retaining cohesiveness and layout consistency. And those usual mistakes or “Don’ts” resulting in poor presentations? You can more easily avoid them.


Tied to being an expert in designing slides is years of experience. Extensive experience means certain systems, tools and practices are already in place to design presentations not only faster but also more effectively.


Reduce time, stress and money in the long-run. You can focus your resources on where you’re better at by hiring professional designers instead.


Even if you’re a great speaker, certain events still call for PowerPoint presentations that require a professional touch. This includes: keynote conferences, company-wide presentations, pitching business ideas or trainings where your presentation will be used over and over again. These are critical events where hiring an expert really pays off.

Top 3 Reasons to Order from 24Slides

But did you know that about 15 million hours are still wasted daily due to bad presentations? Don’t allow yourself to contribute to these wasted hours! Below are 3 major reasons why you should entrust your presentation to not just any designing team out there but to the professional hands of 24 slides:

Work with a team of designers at heart and self-taught PowerPoint experts

While you’re the expert in your own content, we’re the experts on how to visualize that content to create the most awesome impact. Our team is armed with over 10 years of experience.

Enjoy how incredibly fast and easy it is to order—from start to end

Ordering is not only easy, we also take pride in making your entire experience as seamless as possible. You’re assured of a quick turnaround as well as high-quality and completely editable slides that we keep confidential and you pay ONLY after your approval.

Experience unbeatable price and unparalleled quality

We provide additional features and conveniences that are automatically included upon ordering.  Our assistance extends beyond slides as we can help you in other ways like logo designing, graphic designing and even programming to give your entire presentation a professional feel and look overall. Our service also continues even after your purchase with round-the-clock customer support.

In short, the unparalleled customer service and satisfaction you’d expect from any business, you can certainly expect from 24Slides!


Without doubt, PowerPoint slides offer multiple potential benefits for your presentation. Much can be harnessed especially when using custom PowerPoint designs.

But to turn these benefits into actual positive results for you and your business, you have to understand what to do or not do to avoid the common blunders in presentation designing. For everything, including great ideas can get lost and all hard work can go to waste if you don’t have engaging PowerPoint presentations to deliver your message.

So to add that “power” to your PowerPoint slides, you need to enlist the help of professional designers, whether you’re polishing an existing presentation or creating a new one from scratch.

Professional looking, awesome and captivating slides can more effectively and quickly be created by designers which have the expertise, experience and give superior customer service and quality in the end. Which is what our team in 24Slides guarantees to deliver.

Think back to the last really great presentation you attended—one that was informative, inspiring and interesting? Wouldn’t you just love to present like that?

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