Do you know how to truly appreciate your co-workers?

Oftentimes, we only see colleagues in the office as people whom we work with, work for or work under us to accomplish our own tasks. As we go about our daily routine, we sometimes neglect to value their importance and build healthy relationships with the co-workers to make our work more meaningful, productive, and less stressful.

As we celebrate International Workers Day, let’s find time to re-discover what we can do to appreciate our colleagues whom, whether we realize it or not, we spend almost 1/3 of our time with. Get ready to be amazed how these little gestures can make a huge difference in you and your co-workers lives.

Make it personal

Come up and say “Thank You”

It’s one thing to just send an email of thanks and another thing to personally say this in front of your colleagues. Smiling or giving them a pat on the back shows them what really makes you feel happy about the work they do and the value they bring.

Discuss exemplary work

If you have people working for you, take note of their strengths and commend them for it. Take time not just to address areas of improvements so they can take action but also to point out strengths so they can sustain these.

Give handwritten notes

Whether it’s for a job well done or a small favor you need to ask someone, sending handwritten notes also gives a more personal touch.

Take them out

You don’t need to spend a lot just to go out and have fun with your officemates once in a while. Sometimes, going out for coffee and engaging in small talk can already do wonders in building healthier relationships in and outside of work.

Make them “feel famous”

Announce winning moments publicly

Let’s face it. We all love to boost our egos every now and then and our co-workers are certainly no exception to this. When praising for superior performance, do it publicly. For many, a simple public recognition is sometimes more appreciated than giving a concrete token but discreetly.

Introduce them to valued customers or senior management

Doing this gives them a sense of belongingness and a feeling that what they do is something that adds value to the customers and the company.

Make a buzz about them on the company social media

Similar to boosting our egos, everyone wants to be talked about –in a positive way. Social media is one great avenue you can share the accomplishments and positive qualities you admire about your co-workers. Plus, others can agree, join and add their own comments too.

Make it really about the person

Create a Hall of Fame in the lunch room

This is another way you can praise publicly. It’s one reason why having “employee of the month” posters and putting them up on strategic points in your office works.

Give access to a mentor

When you serve as a mentor or recommend someone else who can mentor for them, they will feel that their growth or development within the company is being appreciated. It makes them see that the skills they contribute are recognized and promising.

Share a specific article that supports the teamwork they do

Value any amazing teamwork displayed by sharing similar stories that can make them feel good about themselves and also learn from in the future.

Share personal & group gifts

Tokens you give to colleagues are not just incentives for a great job done; they are also ways of expressing your gratitude. Even with a limited budget, remember it’s the thought (and effort) that counts!

Be helpful

Appreciate the help they offer by being helpful yourself once they need it. After all, each of us have  specific roles to play in a team, with unique sets of strengths and weaknesses and we all could use a little help once in a while.

Happy Labor Day!