Holiday Special: New Year Free PowerPoint Template

2020 is almost here! But first, it’s time to say goodbye to 2019. And what better way to do it than with this amazing PowerPoint template? This presentation template for New Year will help you give a nice closure to this year, and set new goals and objectives for the future. 

PowerPoint presentation for new year

New Year is a great opportunity for promoting change and renewal. Every single culture celebrates New Year in some way or another, because of a very simple reason: it’s more effective to think growth in cycles. It’s difficult to grasp the real dimension of goals and challenges when they’re too far away, or not specific enough. Setting a time frame can give you that last push for something you always wanted to do, but never dared to. 

The feeling of new beginnings is usually one of hope and optimism. That’s why so many people use the New Year to set new goals and resolutions for the rest of the year.  It doesn’t even matter if you fulfill them or not (of course, if you can you should try to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions). Just the act of sitting down and thinking thoroughly what you want to accomplish this upcoming year can help you understand yourself better and help you be more decisive. 

And of course, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate! Whether it has been a good or a bad year, giving closure to a year is always a joy. You can be glad that the next one is going to be better. Or you can be hopeful that you’ll continue to grow. In any case, good wishes for the New Year are a must.   


Playful New Year PowerPoint Template

Our designers here at 24Slides made this beautiful PowerPoint presentation for New Year for all those that want to celebrate. Maybe you’re trying to launch a new campaign for the holidays. Or give your team an update in the upcoming marketing strategy. Or even if you’re just looking for a fun way to congratulate your team and wish them all a happy New Year. In any case, this template is for you. 

This presentation template for New Year has a playful design while still keeping it business-like. Its bright colors will really help you convey all the excitement and optimism for the upcoming year. And its non-rigid layout and customized illustrations will make sure that no one gets bored during your presentation. 

This template includes several description slides so you can showcase all your main ideas. It also has a timeline and a 5-step slide in case you need to show the process or evolution of your year. And no slide deck can be complete without a column graph. This way, you can showcase any quantitative data in an easy and appealing way.  


Personalize your presentations

Having trouble editing your New Year presentation template? Check out this easy guide on template editing. You’ll see that customizing your PowerPoint is way easier with its help. 

download new year powerpoint template

If templates are not enough and you want something really tailor-made for your needs, get in contact with our designers here at 24Slides. They will make you a truly unique presentation in 24 hours!