Start outsourcing your presentation’s design in 2020

The New Year is the perfect time to make all those changes you have been thinking of. The start of the year is ideal for setting goals and plans for the rest of the year. What are your business objectives in 2020? Maybe it’s growing your team, tuning production processes, or making a new marketing strategy. Whichever your goal is, I have one idea for you that might help you out: outsourcing presentation design.

outsource presentation design

What is outsourcing?

First things first. If you’re not familiar with the term, you might be asking yourself what is outsourcing. However, even if you don’t know it exactly by that name, chances are you are already familiar with the business practice it refers to.

Outsourcing comes from mixing the words “outside” and “resourcing”. Still unclear on what it actually is? Don’t worry.

In short, outsourcing refers to the business practice of businesses delegating “secondary” tasks to other companies. These outside companies are service providers that cover specific processes and functions so the main company doesn’t have to do them itself. In words of the business philosopher Peter Drucker, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest”.

Why is outsourcing so popular nowadays?

Outsourcing is not a new phenomenon (although the name may make it seem so). Advertising agencies have been doing it for over a century. Most companies have many other “secondary” processes aside from their production process, that is what gives them value and what brings customers in. These processes, even when they have nothing to do with the actual product, are still a must for success and growth.

Think about logistics, legal counseling, marketing and advertising, shipping… Practically all the businesses in the world need at least one of these, even if that is not their product focus. Not only marketing agencies need marketing work, for example. Many companies solve this by having specialized departments inside their own company (in-house staff). But outsourcing has given another option for all these areas.

Outsourcing has become very popular because it is a pretty efficient cost-benefit solution. Being able to outsource secondary tasks means you can focus and invest all your resources in your main business. You save yourself the time and effort of creating a new department, while still receiving great professional and quality work. Even better, it’s in the other company’s best interest to do an outstanding job, so they, in turn, can also grow as a business. If you pick the right company, outsourcing can be an incredible asset for both better management of resources and quality improvement.

Nowadays, with globalization, outsourcing has been taken to new heights. You’re no longer restricted to “big names” agencies that everyone knows. You’re not even restricted to your country or even your own continent. Outsourcing opens your business to talent from all around the world.

Why Outsource Presentation Design

When thinking about delegating secondary tasks to specialized services providers, it’s usually about the most “classic” ones. Legal counseling, for example, or advertising, has a long history of being an outsourced service. But there are other, “hidden” processes that still take time and effort from a business. People might not take notice of the amount of resources that are being invested in them. Sometimes they think that there’s nothing that can be done about it. Or, that it’s not worth spending money hiring a third party when they can do it themselves.

This is, in many cases exactly what happens with PowerPoint presentations. Many businesses have to do thousands of presentations a year. Whether it’s for clients, potential investors or just for their own team, presentations are a pretty common occurrence in business. Even if PowerPoint has gotten something of a “bad reputation” in the last years, it’s undeniable that it’s still the go-to communication tool for public speaking.

PowerPoint is intuitive and easy to use. So much that practically anyone, even without any design experience, can make a presentation on it. You might think that you don’t need to outsource presentation design. After all, your coworkers and team members can do one perfectly fine on their own. But can they do it well?

This idea is in many cases the root of all the “death by PowerPoint” syndrome that has given the software its bad reputation. You might believe that it’s the content and not the design that matters in a presentation. While the content is certainly the soul of the presentation, design can still influence the message that you’re trying to say.

Professionals doing professional work

What would you think of someone that presents an important report in an all-white, all text, PowerPoint? Probably that it has been done at the last minute. Or one with animations in every single bullet point? It’s highly unlikely that it will make you look trustworthy. You can take a look at these extremely bad PowerPoint examples. Even if most PowerPoints you see in your daily life are not that bad, you can still see in them how bad design can affect the impression your audience has of you and your work.

Outsourcing presentation design is a great option because you get professionals doing professional work. The employees at your business may be able to do their own PowerPoint presentations, yes. But they will not be able to do them with the same quality as professional designers.

Outsourcing presentation design will allow you to convey throughout the design exactly what you want to say. The slides’ design can show playfulness. They can show seriousness and professionalism. They can show you have a consolidated brand. Your presentation is your business card to introduce yourself to your audience. It is a great opportunity to not only tell but show something about yourself. So use it!

outsourcing time management

Save time

Even if you can do your own PowerPoints, how much time does it take you to do it? Presentations are hard because they require two different sets of abilities. To give a good presentation you need communication skills to engage your public and convey your ideas clearly. But you also need design skills to make sure your content is portrayed in the most effective visual way. And while you improve your communication skills, it’s way harder to get to the level of a professional designer.

Learning to design is pretty difficult and time-consuming. Even if you actually manage to do a PowerPoint design that you’re satisfied with, a presentation designer would probably be able to do it not only better, but also faster.

And, even more importantly, your team will be able to invest their time in doing their actual job. Instead of trying to do a mediocre presentation, outsourcing presentation design allows everyone to focus on what they do best.

Save money

If you think outsourcing presentation design is a waste of money, you might want to think twice. It’s true that if the business’ employees do the PowerPoint design, you don’t have to pay an “extra” commission. But think about it this way: you’re already paying an extra fee. When your team invests their time and effort in doing things that are not their area of expertise, you’re still paying them.

In short, you’re paying a lawyer or an engineer or an economist to do a mediocre PowerPoint. Even more, since it’s not their area of expertise, it will probably take them even longer to finish it. So you’ll be paying them way more than what you would pay a professional designer.

If you don’t believe it, you can check out this cost calculator. The average professional spends around 4 hours a week doing PowerPoint presentations. You might think this does not sound like much. But that means 188 hours a year… that translates into roughly $5715!!!

PowerPoint presentation cost calculator

Talent from all around the world

Finally, as we said, outsourcing presentation design is a great way to bring together talent from all around the world. Every time, the business world grows a little bigger. There are more business opportunities, more potential investors, more new markets to tap into. So why not take advantage of all the new talent from all around the globe? The great thing about outsourcing is that it opens a whole world of possibilities.

outsource presentation design

What to expect from outsourcing presentation design

Once you’ve decided to outsource presentation design, what should you expect?

Custom-made PowerPoint presentation. If you’re paying for it, make sure it is really tailor-made for you. There are thousands and thousands of completely free PowerPoint templates available on the web. Outsourcing presentation design should give you unique presentations that you wouldn’t be able to do or get on your own otherwise.

Customer support. In order for the presentation to convey exactly what you want it to convey, it’s important that the design agency has a good communication system and can take feedback. You’re the one going to present that slide deck, so you should end up 100% satisfied with the product.

Confidentiality. You should feel confident that your information is in good hands. If the presentation you need to give contains sensitive information concerning your business, you should feel safe on the trustworthiness of the presentation design agency.

If you want to know more about how to pick and hire a presentation designer, you can check out the top 5 things you should look for when considering outsourcing presentation design.

Try our powerpoint services

PowerPoint is a wonderful tool when used correctly. It’s incredibly versatile and it can make a great audiovisual complement to almost any presentation. Whether it is to show data in a more visual way, illustrate a point, do a summary, PowerPoint has got you covered. The thing about that is, it is exactly just that: a complement. It should be part of the support team, not the main star.

Outsourcing presentation design is the most effective alternative to make the most of such an amazing tool like PowerPoint. It’ll allow you to really focus on the content and leave the design aside. Teamwork is the future, so are you up to start outsourcing presentation design this 2020?

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