PechaKucha: The Japanese-inspired Presentation Format

Standing in front of an audience can be difficult for even the brainiest and most eloquent person. It’s likely you’ve witnessed a presentation that has lost track of itself and ended in a deluge of hysterical rambling.
“It’s all about presenting 20 slides with 20 seconds for each”
But have you ever been to a PechaKucha night? The presentation meets party-game event keeps presenters on track, on their toes and on time. It’s all about presenting 20 slides with 20 seconds for each.

Group at a PechaKucha night in Copenhagen - Image via

We love PechaKucha at 24slides, so much so that we’ve put all the key facts and some great tips together in a handy infographic for you. Want to get involved in a PechaKucha night? Head to to find a local PechaKucha event.

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