How to pick and hire a PowerPoint designer

When you do PowerPoint presentations every single week, it might be a good idea to invest in a PowerPoint design service. If it’s your first time, however, you might be feeling a little nervous about the whole process. After all, deciding to hire a PowerPoint design service is a commitment. How can you be sure that they’ll deliver what you expect? And how will the designer know what you want from each slide? Or about your brand? These are all valid questions. That’s why here you will be able to read a little more on how to pick a PowerPoint designer and the overall hiring process of one.

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Why you should consider PowerPoint outsourcing

PowerPoint is a common tool in practically any kind of business. But, as with any other tool, you need to know how to use it for it to be really effective. And to do a truly great PowerPoint it’s not as easy as it might seem at first. PowerPoint has gotten something of a “bad reputation” over the years. Truth is, this is more telling about the lack of public speaking and design skills. And while anyone can improve their public speaking abilities, the design part is more tricky.

PowerPoint is a great visual aid for all kinds of presentations. But it’s just that: just a tool. It can not replace a speaker. It’s mean to complement the presentation. But to design something visually attractive is not exactly easy. Most of the “bad” PowerPoint examples you can see are bad precisely because they are too distracting. Many presentations end up being a hindrance rather than a plus. PowerPoint requires to take into consideration things like the color palette, the layout, the background, and so on. Things that probably don’t come naturally for those who aren’t designers.

You’re probably spending more time and resources than you think just in doing mediocre PowerPoint. Even if you’re spending just 2 hours a week on designing presentations, that sums up to almost 100 hours per year. With this cost calculator, you can look up exactly how many resources you’re actually investing in just doing PowerPoints. According to our data, the average professional uses up to 4 hours a week. This means 188 hours a day! And, for a salary of $50, 000, this translates to $5715 per year, just in making presentations. So, why don’t you let professionals do what they do best?

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Outsourcing allows you to become more efficient in your own job. By hiring professional PowerPoint designers you’ll be saving time and money. And, at the same time, your presentations will be way better than anything you could have ever done by own.

How to pick a PowerPoint designer

Picking a PowerPoint designer requires investing some of your time. After all, you’ll be putting your business image and information into their hands. It’s important that you do your research and find out how trustworthy a company really is. Complying due dates, their treatment of private or sensitive information, the quality delivered… All these are factors that determine the reputation of a presentation designer.

You should definitely check out reviews and comments about the presentation designers you’re considering hiring. Rating sites like Trustpilot are great to verify if designers really carry out what they offer.

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To find a perfect designer for your project, you should also have a general idea of what you’re looking for. Is it a one-time project or you’ll want to be a recurring task? Then you might want to try out presentation design agencies that have corporate options and packages. Do you need to add customized illustrations or animations? Check out if those are included in the price before comparing agencies. It’s no easy task, but it’s worth it if you want to spend your money on a service that will really give you results.

Even style can be a determining factor when picking a PowerPoint designer. Maybe you want something really sober and business-like. In that case, a presentation design service that focuses mainly on eye-catching and colorful presentations probably wouldn’t be the right fit.

If you’re still in doubt on how to pick, check out these 5 top things you should look for when looking for a PowerPoint design service.

Freelancers vs Presentation Design Agencies

With the rise of freelancing platforms, there are even more options for those looking for design services. Aside from the many presentation design companies, you can also hire presentation designers on websites like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour. So, which one should you choose? The freelancer or the company?

As always, the answer depends on what you’re really looking for. If it’s a one-time small project, a freelance presentation designer might work just fine. However, the bigger and longer a project is, the more likely a design company will handle it better. The main advantage of hiring a presentation design agency is that they probably already have an effective work system.

A good company should optimize their processes to make it as easy as possible to the client. Even more, client satisfaction is usually their main concern. Since companies are trying to get customers to become ambassadors of their brand, you can be sure design companies will try their best for you to be satisfied with the finished product. Some companies even have packs or corporate options that could make the design service cheaper than working with a specific freelancer. Some of them even have a try-out option, so you can be 100% sure that their company will work well for you.

Another pro for companies is that they’re used to work with a larger group of designers, rather than being just one freelancer on their own. Even if a freelancer can recruit another’s help to complete a particularly big task, companies have already built teams. They’re used to making cohesive presentations, even if they had been done by several people. And, this also allows them to work faster and to accomplish closer due dates, since they’re able to distribute the workload smartly.

Finally, take into consideration that while many freelancers might add “presentation design” as one of their skills, most designers usually work with software like Illustrator and Photoshop, not PowerPoint. With Freelancers, as well as with companies, it’s vital to look at their portfolio and make sure that they could fulfill the task on your mind.

How to hire a PowerPoint designer company

The thing about designer companies is that it may seem that they have many steps until you can finally place your order. In reality, this is this way so they can make sure what you can is completely clear. It actually makes the work more efficient, because the better the designers understand what you’re expecting, the less likely it is that corrections will be needed.

It’s true that the process might seem a little intimidating. That’s why here you’ll find the whole process of hiring a presentation design service here at 24Slides. You’ll be able to see step by step and understand how to get the best of each.

Treatment of the slides

It’s really different to change a couple of things so it looks more polished than to design a slide from scratch. It’s also not fair for customers with slides that imply less work to be charged the same that other projects that demand hours and hours of work. Making you choose for the treatment you want for your slide makes you able to be more specific about the kind of result you expect. And it also allows you to keep control of your budget and to evaluate how much you’re willing to spend for a specific service.

24Slides has 3 main slide treatments: fix up, redesign and redraw. Fix up is great if you have already a PowerPoint presentation and you want to give it just a little extra polish. Our designers will make sure that your presentation matches your brand guidelines and tidy it up. They will fix the colors and the alignment and spacing of the elements in the slide.

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Redesign it’s a bit more complex than that. If you ask for the redesign treatment, our team of presentation designers will redesign the overall layout of the slides. They’ll add icons and illustrations that showcase better your message. In short, our designers will use their creativity to alter your slides into the most visually-effective version possible.

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Finally, redraw consists of our presentation designers doing the slides from scratch. You can send us a sketch, a photo of a whiteboard, even a word document. We’ll make sure that you get back a beautiful presentation!

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You also have the option of letting us decide what treatment your slides should get. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a budget estimate first, and a general idea for you to approve. You can also commission us for much more than just presentations. Chose the “Others” option to place an order for infographics, icons, and whatever else you need.

Preferred style

In order to understand better what the customers want their presentation to look like, 24Slides designers work with 3 styles: Corporate, Creative, and Playful. The Corporate style is more serious and sober. It’s great to present hard data and in general, to project a formal and professional image. From the corporate style, you can expect more “cold” color tones, like blues and greys (unless you want them to change them to reflect your brand color scheme).

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The Creative style is the perfect middle between the other two. Not as formal as the Corporate, but more serious than the Playful one. You’ll find bright colors that highlight your ideas, and interesting, innovative layout to make sure your presentation highlights what you wanted it to. The Playful style is precisely what its name says: playful. You’ll also find bright colors here, but also great custom illustrations and graphics. This style is perfect for making tiresome topics a little more engaging and attractive for the audience.

You can also upload your own style. In case your business has a specific graphic line that you need to follow, you just need to upload an example. Then, our presentation designers will take care of replicating it on the new styles. By choosing one of these styles, it’ll be easier that your presentation looks exactly as you dreamed of, and there will be a lower error range.

Number of Slides and Due Date

This step is pretty self-explanatory. In order for you to get your budget estimation, you’ll need to set up how many slides you’ll want to hire the designers for, and how much time margin you have. Take into consideration that the further the due date, the less costly it’ll be. It is completely up to you when you want to receive your presentation!


To have a truly great presentation you need to make sure everything is perfect and in its place. Thinking that your PowerPoint is flawless and suddenly finding a typo while you’re presenting has probably happened to even the best of us. When you spend to much time working on something, you usually get into automatic mode, and it’s hard to realize if there’s a mistake or a typo.

proofreading services

That’s why 24Slides offers some complementary services to make sure your presentation is perfectly polished to detail. The option of editing will get you a proofreader that will check out your content redaction. They’ll rewrite anything that isn’t clear, and leave it ready for your presentation. The other option is Proofreading. With this one, the editor will look just for typos and grammatical mistakes. You can also choose if you prefer US or UK spelling.

Both are great options, but if you feel confident in your own editing abilities you can skip it altogether. Just choose “next” without picking any of the other options above.

Upload your file / Registration and payment

Finally, all if left to do is to upload your presentation file and register yourself. This is so the designers have a way to contact you and to send you their progress. Good communication is key in producing a final presentation that you’ll be happy with. Concerning payment, you can rest assured that it’ll not be charged until you’re 100% happy with the results.

After this whole registration process, our customer support team will get in contact with you. They’ll ask you some more specific details concerning your presentation and what you expect of the final product. A Project Manager will also be assigned to you, so you know exactly who to talk to if you need some changes, or anything at all. Then the designers will give you a draft of how they envision your presentation, according to your guidelines. And once you give them the green light, they’ll start working on it right away.

Are you ready to hire a PowerPoint designer?

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I hope that after this, what you can expect from the hiring process of a PowerPoint designer is a little clearer. Outsourcing presentation design is a great help to manage your time and resources in a better, more efficient way. It can really boost your productivity, and even more, help you do better, more relevant presentations than ever before.

If you’re still in doubt, you can always check out 24Slides try out option. You’ll be able to get a sample on how our designers work and what you can get from it. So what are you waiting for? PowerPoint designers will change the way you work forever.