The Best PowerPoint Templates for October 2019

September has come and gone, and there are only three months left of this year. Our designers here at 24Slides have been working harder than ever to bring you some amazing new templates. From business to more playful themes, here you will find presentations for over a dozen different topics. Download each of these new PowerPoint Templates for October 2019 for free and start working on your presentation!


Corporate and Business PowerPoint Templates


Playful Comparison Template

comparison powerpoint template for october 2019

Comparing is a great way to showcase differential value. It can be a comparison with other products, with competitors, or even different ideas inside the same company. In whichever case, comparison allows you to bring forward the essence and to highlight similarities and differences. This way, it will be easier for your audience to pinpoint what you bring to the table, and what makes your proposition special. This PowerPoint template will allow you to make visual any comparing you want to do. 

powerpoint template for october 2019

This presentation template has 10 slides you will be able to download and use for free. It has different kinds of visual aids, so you can pick which fits the bests your information. It has 1 vs 1 slides, great to pitch one idea against another. It also has a 3 vs 3 slide. This one is perfect for comparing aspects with more than one point each, like for example Dos and Don’ts. Finally, it also includes a graphic visualization of percentages comparison. 


Corporate Hierarchy Template

hierarchy powerpoint template for october 2019

This PowerPoint Template is extremely useful to explain the setup and organization of your company. Whether it is for positions, products or processes, these slides will help you convey in a clear, easy way any kind of hierarchy. Maybe you need your audience to follow the order of importance between the steps of a certain process. Or which position has the responsibility over others. This template has many types of charts and diagrams that will help your audience understand better your point. 

hierarchy stairs powerpoint template

It has a Maslow Pyramid, a Business Funnel graph and a circle graph for going from more general to more specific. It also includes a stair diagram for process planning. It has hierarchy charts, great for showing different levels or categories. It even has tree diagrams in case you need a visual aid to represent several parts of a whole. In short, this template has everything you could need to represent hierarchical relationships between several elements. 


Corporate Agenda PowerPoint Template

agenda powerpoint template for october 2019

This PowerPoint template is self-explanatory. As its title says, its slides are all about time management and optimization. It is important to plan the points in your agenda, whether it is for long-term plans, or just for your weekly meetings. By presenting them in a more visual manner you’ll be making sure that everyone is crystal clear in all the points you have to go through. It also helps your audience to know exactly where they are standing on. This template includes bullet points slides, lists, and timelines, so you can present your agenda in a way you find more convenient. 


Creative Education PowerPoint Template

Education is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. There is so much information being produced constantly that it is difficult to stay on top of it. This is why educational institutions and projects must have their goals and development plans well defined. This template will help you present every dimension of your enterprise in a clear, defined way. You will find everything you need to introduce your educational project from goals to your team, to the learning process. 

education powerpoint template

This template also includes 3 slides for different educative indicators you may find useful to have. The is a line chart, a percentage donut pie, and a column chart for you to use. This way you can really convey to your public your goals and indicators. With this presentation, you’ll be able to show not only the basic characteristics but also what you expect to achieve (or what you’re already achieving).  


Corporate Succession Planning PowerPoint Template

corporate powerpoint template for october 2019

Succession Planning can be a tricky topic to work with. But identifying and managing potential talent is vital for any company aspiring to any company aiming for the long run.  You need to motivate and communicate with your team, and what better way to do it than with this PowerPoint template. This presentation has slides that will help you showcase and bring forward the characteristics you’re looking for in potential leaders. It will also help you make a more transparent process through its process slides. It also includes other diagrams that might be useful, like a flowchart and a BCG Matrix


Creative Competitor Analysis Template

SWOT Competitos Analysis powerpoint template

All good business plans have in consideration its competitors. Only then you can really determine what makes you different and exploit their shortcomings. This template will give you the key tools you need to showcase your competitors, their characteristics and your key findings concerning them. It has sides where you will be able to tackle different points, with 3, 5 or 6 elements. Its SWOT template will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and present them in an engaging way. It also has a percentage bar graph, so you can show in a visual way the market share of each competitor. 


Question and Answer PowerPoint Template

powerpoint templates for october 2019

Dialogue is necessary for growing and improving. No one has all the information in the world, but working together, asking the right questions and finding answers together is the right path for moving forward. That is why this template is so useful. It will allow you to show the process you went through as a team and the conclusions you managed to reach. This PowerPoint offers you a great chance to share this experience. It has descriptive slides to fit any kinds of information. It also has lists and bullet points to show information in sequences. And, obviously, it as Q&A slides with opposed elements, to highlight the way these two relate to each other. 


Corporate User Journey PowerPoint Template

user journey powerpoint template

Your target audience should always be at the center of the equation. Creating products specifically designed for them will most likely make them more interested. It is important that you are able to think as a client, so you will experience what they experience in the buying process. Only then you’ll be able to pinpoint the parts that are lacking and improve them. This PowerPoint template is great to show the processes your potential client goes through, and at the same time, your findings throughout these processes. 


Pyramid Diagrams PowerPoint Template

pyramid diagram powerpoint template

Pyramid diagrams are great for showing data that needs to be organized hierarchically. Maybe you need to go from something more general to something more specific. Pyramid diagrams are your best friend for showcasing that. Or maybe you need to order something according to importance, or quantity. Pyramid diagrams also got you back on that: the closer to the top, the more important it is. This free template offers you 8 different designs of pyramid diagrams. You’ll definitely find one that fits your needs.  



Thematic PowerPoint Templates for October 2019


Stylish Food Presentation Template

food powerpoint template for october 2019

Any professional related to the food industry and restaurant business will find useful this template. Chefs, nutritionists, restaurant managers… All these also have to do presentations on a regular basis. What better way to do that with a template that not only conveys your ideas but also showcases your dishes and products? It includes 10 slides, each both pictures and text sections, so you can make their mouths water even before they taste the food.  

food powerpoint template

This template includes title and description slides, so you can elaborate on your ideas as much as you want. It also has slides with 2, 3 and 4 sections to work on different topics you find important. For example, you can use 2 section slides to showcase your business mission and vision. Or 3 section slides for your budget, or your target market segments. 4 sections slides are great for the production process and SWOT analysis. These slides will be easily adaptable to almost anything you have in mind. 


Creative Superhero PowerPoint Template

powerpoint templates for october 2019

You might be asking yourself: where could I ever use a superhero template? Well, in many cases! Superheroes usually stand for things like strength, responsibility, and overall goodness. So in whatever presentation where you need to convey values and ethics, a superhero can help you get your point across. This powerpoint template will allow you to present things like teamwork and the responsibilities you expect from your workers in a fun, easy-going way.

powerpoint templates for october 2019

Superheroes, as the name itself says, also stand for being above the normal human. Heroes are what normal people can and should aspire to be. Superheroes, however, are those chosen to do things no one else could ever do. This template can also be used to set goals and motivate your team. Tell them how much you expect from them and the potential of being “super” with this unique presentation. 

Creative Chocolate Presentation

chocolate powerpoint template

Chocolate is one of the most universally-liked sweets. After all, what better than a chocolate bar after a stressful day, or a chocolate cake to celebrate? This template is ideal for those working in the dessert industry. Its enticing images of chocolate will help you focus your audience’s attention on your presentation. Even if you are presenting more serious aspects on the administrative side of your business, this template will help you remind everyone of the ultimate product: delicious sweets!

powerpoint templates for october 2019

This PowerPoint free template includes title and description slides to introduce your audience to each part of your presentation. But it also offers you a wide range of 3 and 4 section slides. These are great for presenting topics that have several components, or that are multidimensional. You could use these to showcase your product’s characteristics, its ingredients or its composition. You can show processes, like refining, producing or distribution. You can showcase your product ́s or your company’s history. You can even use them to show the logistics of your business plan, like transportation and warehousing. Just pick whichever fits better your needs, and you’re all set for a great presentation. 


Egypt Presentation Template

egypt powerpoint template

This template is great for anyone planning to open a business in Egypt, like for example a tourism office. This amazing, history-rich country has some of the most amazing achievements of humankind. From the Great Pyramid Giza to the Catacombs of Kom in Alexandria, Egypt is a country filled with wonders. Invite your audience to discover it with this template, filled with Egyptian imagery will help you hype your presentation and excite your public. 

powerpoint templates for october 2019

This free PowerPoint template includes 10 different slides, all ready to be used, but also easily editable. It has an introduction slides and several description slides for any information you find important to add. You can use the slides divided into sections to show how far away an attraction is in different types of transportation, for example. Or use the Egypt 101 slide to introduce your audience to basic knowledge about the country, like language and population. It also includes 2 graph slides for any quantifiable information. This way you will be able to show it in a more visual, engaging way. 

Playful Yoga PowerPoint Template

yoga powerpoint template

In the latest year, Yoga has become way more than just a hobby or something to do in your free time. Yoga, for many people, has become a lifestyle that promotes both mental and physical wellness. If you are planning on opening a Yoga studio, or maybe suggesting a mindfulness workshop for your company, this template may give you the final push you need in your enterprise. Its playful design guarantees that your audience’s attention will remain glued to you. These slides will allow you to introduce new members to the world of Yoga. You can show Yoga’s benefits, share positions and tips, and so on. 


These are the best PowerPoint templates for October 2019. As always, you can download, completely free, at Templates by 24Slides. There are thousands of other templates as well, so there is no excuse for a dull presentation!