The Best PowerPoint Templates for November 2019

October has already passed, and now holiday season is almost upon us. But there’s plenty of time to improve and work before 2019 is over. From PEST analysis to Polka Dots, our team designers here at 24Slides has been working extra hard to give you some unique templates for your every need. Here you’ll find some of the best free PowerPoint templates for November 2019. As always, these (and many, many more) are all completely free to download at Templates by 24Slides


Analysis and Strategy PowerPoint Templates

A strategy is a central part of any business. You can’t just wing it, and being organized and presenting in a clear, straight forward way will help you find your way towards success. These templates will help you convey your attack plan to your team members and investors alike. From classic analysis tools like PEST or Porter’s Five Forces to Social Media, these templates have it all. 


Corporate PEST Analysis PowerPoint Template

PEST Analyses are a must in any presentation concerning business strategy and planning. This is a great tool to base your market research on. Its letters stand for Political, Economic, Socio-cultural and Technological factors that can affect your market and your product or service. This way, you can have a complete picture of your context and how this may affect your business. 

PEST November PowerPoint template

This free PowerPoint template will allow you to showcase a complete, multidimensional PEST Analysis and impress your public. Its clean design and graphs will help you keep your audience’s attention without overwhelming them of distracting them with over the top colors of visuals. It includes overview slides for a complete look over the PEST analysis. But it also includes specific slides for every category, so you can present a detailed and engaging presentation. 


Corporate Stakeholder Map PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint Template is one of a kind. It allows you to present your Stakeholder Analysis in a more eye-catching and easily understandable way. People say a good picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true! With this template’s maps and diagrams, you’ll be able to get your point across in no time. 

Stakeholder free PowerPoint template

Stakeholder analyses are important because they embody every single player that can affect the production process. That is why the designers’ team has really outdone themselves this November with this PowerPoint Template. You’ll find a stakeholder matrix slide to identify where in the process each player works. You can use the onion diagram to show how close they are to the main production process. And you can categorize them into smaller teams with the charts and diagrams slides. In short, everything you could ever need for visually attractive stakeholder analysis. 


Corporate Account Management Plan PresentationTemplate

November PowerPoint templates are all about effective and professional presentations. That is why this Account Management Plan presentation is one of the best. This free PowerPoint template is perfect to present your strategy to a client and walk them through, step by step, on how the account management will work. 

Account Management free PowerPoint template

One of the best practices in the business world is good communication. And with this template, everything will be crystal clear between you and your customer. It has slides to show the success roadmap, share your strategy and plans, and display your targets. All this, with a professional look and customized icons. 


Corporate Porter’s Five Forces PowerPoint Template

Similarly to the PEST analysis, Porter’s Five Forces is a great framework to evaluate the market and overall business environment. Porter’s Five Forces, however, focuses on the competitive environment. The objective is to analyze how profitable a business is, and how different actors may influence this profitability. It was created in the 1980s by Harvard Business School professor Michael E. Porter, and it’s still used by all kinds of businesses and enterprises. 

Porter Five Forces PowerPoint template

Porter’s Five Forces are Competition in the industry, Potential of new entrants, Power of suppliers, Power of customers and the Threat of substitute products. This free PowerPoint template has slides for each of these factors, as well as overview slides and a timeline. 


Playful Facebook Report Presentation Template

Nowadays, social media plays a huge role in business and branding. And who is bigger than the social media giant, Facebook?  Social Media it’s so big, that it’s important to have an actual plan for Facebook campaigns. This way you can make reports on your success, and polish your social media marketing strategies. You can start right now, with this free PowerPoint template.

Facebook November Presentation template

This presentation includes an agenda, bar and line graphs to show concrete data, and a SWOT analysis slide. It also has slides where you can present your team, or the influences you’re working with, and customers reviews.  


Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint Template

This template is perfect for launching any kind of product. It’ll let you display every aspect of your business strategy, from your customers to your production and distribution process. It also includes a customer experience slide. This hexagonal diagram will allow you to go through your customers’ processes for buying and improve it. 

Market Strategy free PowerPoint template

It has a creative but still professional style that will keep your audience focused on your presentation. 


Playful Social Media Presentation Template

This free PowerPoint template is similar to the Facebook one. However, social media world is so big, that just one is not enough. That is why in November’s PowerPoint templates you can find also this amazing Social Media presentation. It includes the 3 bigger platforms nowadays: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This way you can evaluate your performance in each of these, and compare how they’re going. 

November Social Media PowerPoint template

This free PowerPoint template includes slides of each of these social media platforms and also comparative ones. It has a slide for your team and services. The playful design will only make your Social Media campaign stand out even more!


Processes and Graphs PowerPoint Templates for November 2019

While all of the templates here at 24Slides have great visuals, the templates in this section take this one step further.  You’ll find great graphs and charts in every single template of this list. But these ones focus exclusively on how to present information in a more visual, engaging way. Any of the slides of these templates would be a great addition to your presentation. So pick one, and start working!


Creative Workflow PowerPoint Template

Although it may seem like a secondary task, keeping your business workflow as clear as possible is vital for good productivity. This free PowerPoint template will allow you to show visually, step by step your business process. Making sure that everyone in your team knows which part of the process is their responsibility and how it affects other steps can improve teamwork and performance.

November Workflow PowerPoint template

In this template, you’ll find different ways and diagrams to showcase your processes. There are linear, circular, even tree diagrams, in case you need to highlight how some tasks depend on others. You can pick whichever you think it’ll fit best your business. It’ll make a great addition to any presentation!


Corporate Process Improvement Presentation Template

As said with the template before this, knowing your steps is vital so you can improve them. This free PowerPoint Template includes 8 visually stunning ways to represent processes that impact your business. It includes a circular diagram for recurrent tasks, a hexagonal one, and a Venn diagram slide. It’s beautiful design and colors will make that your audience never gets distracted from your presentation. 


Process Improvement free PowerPonit template


Creative Dot Charts PowerPoint Template

Among all the different kinds of diagrams and graphs, it seems that Dot charts are not usually the most popular ones. However, they’re incredibly versatile and useful if you learn to use them correctly. Dot charts are an easy, straight forward way to convey an amazing amount of data. Depending on the chart, you can learn information from the size or color of the dot, or from where it’s located on the chart. 

Dot Charts free PowerPoint template

In this free PowerPoint template, you’ll also find a couple of comparative slides. This way, you’ll be able to no only learn information about a specific aspect but to contrast it to other options. 


Other Business Free PowerPoint Templates

There’s not just analysis and processes when working in the business world. Here you’ll find templates concerning teamwork and employee happiness. The great thing about these “more general” business templates is that they apply to any industry and project. They are easily customizable and ready to be used for whatever you see fit. 


Business Case Study PowerPoint Template

Download this template if you want a beautifully designed, complete presentation of business processes and production value. You can use this template to inspire your team. Or to present a success story to an investor. This free PowerPoint template has 10 slides, all with different designs that you can use to organize the information you think is relevant in the way you think it’s the best. 

business case study powerpoint template


Client Case Study PowerPoint Template

It’s important to evaluate your relationship with your clients because you can learn so much from them. Use this PowerPoint template to share the experience with your team and see what you can improve from it. The best thing about this presentation is that it has several data-driven slides. You can show quantitative information and build specific and measurable goals with these. 

Client Case Study PowerPoint template


Business Cards Template

Many people think that PowerPoint is good just for doing presentations. In truth, PowerPoint is an amazingly powerful tool that can be used for almost anything. From infographics to youtube videos, PowerPoint has a lot of tools that might surprise you. In this template, you can find examples of business cards you can customize and use for free.

Business Cards November PowerPoint Template

If you want more information on what you can do with PowerPoint, here are 30 things you probably didn’t know you could create with it.  


Meet The Team PowerPoint Template

Introducing your team is an important step to encourage trust. How are clients or potential investors supposed to trust your business if they don’t know who is actually working on it? That is why among all November’s PowerPoint templates, this is one of my personal favorites. It has black and white photos matched with colorful backgrounds, so it can keep looking professional while still being stylish. 

Team November PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint templates include an agenda slide, a company slide, and a team slide. These three together work perfectly as an introduction to any presentation. If you wish for something more detailed, it also has a slide you can customize for each of your members, a SWOT analysis slide for the whole team, and much more. 


Employee Awards PowerPoint Template

It’s fair to give recognition where it is due. Acknowledging your team’s performance and dedication to the job has been proved to be a vital element to boost productivity. Whether it is for going the extra mile or because the team achieved its goals, recognition can really work wonders. It can motivate your team to set bigger goals and to set new objectives according to their successes. 

employee awards powerpoint template

This PowerPoint template has several graphs, so your acknowledgments and awards are data-driven. These will also help you set new objectives and see how far behind they’re in the goals they still need to work on. 


Themed PowerPoint Templates for November 2019

Sometimes a little detail can go a long way. These free PowerPoint Templates for November 2019 will make sure that no one forgets the topic you’re talking about. Forget about boring, generic analysis presentations with these unique presentations. 


Creative Germany Presentation Template

Germany is a country with a rich history and a bright economic future ahead. This template is great for any travel agency trying to encourage it as a new travel destination. Or for any business trying to open a new branch office in this country. This free PowerPoint template will give you all the tools you need to give a comprehensive presentation of all you need to know about this amazing country. 

Germany free PowerPoint template


Creative First Aid PowerPoint Template

Even if your job is not a highly risky one, First Aid knowledge is never useless. You never know when an emergency is going to take place, and being prepared for the worst is always safer. This PowerPoint template is ideal if you’re trying to incentivize a training course for the office workers. It has processes and diagram slides that will make your presentation easier to understand and to remember. 

First Aid November PowerPoint template


Oil and Gas Presentation Template

Oil and Gas are some of the resources more in demand nowadays. All around the world industrialization demands oil and gas to keep up the production of different products and services. Use this PowerPoint template to maintain your audience’s focus on your product. It includes maps, bar charts and processes slides so you can do a through and through presentation. 

Oil Gas free PowerPoint template


Creative Volcano PowerPoint Presentation

Volcanoes are the embodiment of the force of nature. Despite all the technological developments we have had over the last centuries, there’s little that can be done against natural disasters beyond being prepared. If you need to do a presentation concerning the topics of geology, science or geography, this template is for you. It will help you showcase all the danger and the beauty of a volcano. This template also includes a timeline that can be extremely useful for marking volcanic eruptions or scientific expeditions. 

Volcano free PowerPoint template


Pizza PowerPoint Template

Pizza is one of the most loved foods all around the world. Whether it’s fast food or gourmet, pizza is a great option for everyone to enjoy. This free PowerPoint template includes some playful circle and percentages diagrams with pizza design to make your audience hungry. It also has different slides to display all the pizza-related information you could ever need, like ingredients, or competitors’ reviews. 

Pizza free PowerPoint template

If you’re interested in this template, you might also want to check out these great food PowerPoint templates


Creative Polka Dot Presentation Template

This playful pattern will certainly make your presentation a success! November’s fashion PowerPoint template is all about the dots pattern. It includes a process chart and a map slide,  to showcase information. It also has a comparative slide and a bar graph for quantitative information. You can use this template for anything, not only for fashion. Your imagination is the limit! 

November Polka Dot PowerPoint template


Creative Traffic Light PowerPoint Template

The world is full of culturally constructed codes that we all understand. Like for example, the Traffic Lights colors. Why don’t use this as a way to add a new dimension to your presentation? With this template, you can easily present your information using this color code. Use red for things needing improvement, and green for ready-to-go projects.  You can use it for company rules or for Workplace Safety conferences. 

Traffic Light free PowerPoint template


If you’re interested in more themed PowerPoint templates, check out the free presentation templates for October 2019


As always, templates are great but they can only go so far. If you want a really unique, tailor-made presentation design, you can always contact the 24Slides team of designers. They’ll make sure that you get a presentation that conveys everything you want to say in the more effective and eye-catching way possible.