Presentation Styles Review #2 : Corporate

What exactly are “Corporate presentations”? The title alone suggests a level of professionalism, and an environment that will be equally professional. Universally, these presentations should be serious, strict, clear-cut and to the point with highly effective data delivery. But, as presentations do, the tools we use within them evolve,  the old style of presentations cluttered with bullet points and laden with text are not cutting it anymore.  So how do you as a presenter engage your corporate audience?

The fact this is in a corporate setting suggests that your audience has heard their fair share of presentations, and you should adapt accordingly.   Let’s take a look at some “Corporate,” style presentations, and discuss what makes them good, and why.

Example 1

Simple – To the point – Clean.  This slide conveys information simply, professionally, and is tight and to the point.  There is no unnecessary colors or animations, instead, its sole purpose to easily convey information.

Example 2

A seemingly simple design that is very effective in expressing the growth of something throughout time.  Like example 2, it conveys information in a professional manner that is interpreted instantly without needing to read tons of text.

So what do these slides all have in common that we can learn from?  Lets take a look.

Less Text, More Graphic

Don’t have text say what a picture can say faster, more clearly, and without the inconvenience of reading a presentation. Try to have powerful pictures that are effective in conveying what you need to be said.  Oftentimes, heavy text is an inevitable fact when talking about corporate slide design, but try to minimize it, for the sake of your audience’s memory!


Corporate environments are not the time to bring out your hot pinks and greens, or your stylish animated text. Keep the text easily readable, keep the colors subtle.  Avoid red when presenting about financial statistics, and instead try variations of blue.  You are not pitching a timeshare investment with unrealistic returns, your presenting facts to an audience where the majority will be analytical minded, and don’t enjoy sweeping generalizations or highly animated presentations. Take notice of the examples above how they are clean, well organized, and don’t use flashy colors.

Professional Design

The fact of the matter is, clipart does not suffice when you are trying to make something professional.  Unless you are a great designer, chances are you cannot make a presentation that is professional quality without some type of help.  There are many resources online with free templates, and free resources. Try getting custom slide designs for your next presentation.  (Scroll to the left of the style bar to see corporate examples!)

Keep it Clean, Concise, Sharp, and To the point.  Subtle Colors are more favorable then flashy colors.  Relevant text, Professional media.  You are not good at graphic designing, hire someone to do the job properly, it will pay off in the long run.  Your audience has seen boring presentations before, don’t be another one.