4 Great Research PowerPoint Templates to Show Your Development Process

Research and Development can be a tricky part of any business since it is a highly innovative stage. Developing new products (or improving existing ones) implies creative work, and it can sometimes be difficult to share the creative process with others. In these cases, a graphic can be worth more than a hundred words. Here you can find 4 amazing (and free!) research PowerPoint templates that will allow you to unleash your innovative side.  

Being able to show directly, but without losing details, the process of research and development can make a difference. Having a well-structured, visually impactful way to share with others such an important part of any product will enable you to continue the implementation of the project.   

These research PowerPoint templates will not only captivate the audience with their great design but will also help you showcase all the information you want. The best thing is, they are completely free! Here you can find each of them and determine which one will fill your needs better.

Research Stage Slide PowerPoint Template

Research Stage PowerPoint Template

This free Research PowerPoint template will give you the tools to illustrate the whole process of designing a new product or service. It can be difficult to reduce such a complex process into the basic steps. This template, however, will allow you to showcase in an easy, direct manner each part of the development. Having the stages stacked up will help you determine the order of the resources and actions needed for each one. 

The names of each stage in the diagrams are catchy and easy to remember. This will help your audience to see the development of the product as a process.


Set of Tree Diagram Research PowerPoint Template

Tree Diagram Research PowerPoint Template

This kind of diagram will allow you to establish complex relationships between different elements thanks to the trees’ branches. It can also be used to showcase one central idea or how others are interconnected to each other. It can help you to run in-depth analysis of the process since it is excellent for showing a project workflow. By visualizing the different steps of the process, you’ll be able to find more accurate, efficient solutions. 

This PowerPoint template will give you three unique options of tree diagrams. You can pick the one that better suits your needs since all three can be easily edited. 

Research & Development Process Template

Research Process PowerPoint Template

The Research Stage Template allows you to see the process step by step, but the Research & Development Process Template helps you to show it as a whole. The doughnut pie chart shows how all the stages are connected to the core. But, at the same time, it allows you to showcase the details of each phase. Afterwards, the flowchart helps to show the phases in order, and a detailed description of each. The last slides also focus on the stages but showing they are cyclical. The process of researching and developing a project implies adaptability and refining details constantly, and that is why the development process is constant and non-linear. 

You can tailor this template according to your needs to any kind of development process that demands. This way, a process as complex as research and development can be made available and easy to understand for your audience. 


Research & Development Data PowerPoint Templates

Research and Development Data PowerPoint Template

This template shows the five stages of every project: prelaunch/development; introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. For each phase, it is important to determine how much time each of this will take and the objectives and sales expectations. This PowerPoint makes it possible to show it in an eye-catching, friendly way. But it also includes a pie chart, which allows visualizing the parts of the product and managing how much of the whole process they represent. 


All these research Powerpoint templates are at your disposal and ready to be used! Download them for free and use them to show your creative process. If you need help editing your templates, you can check out our Ultimate PowerPoint Template Guide