Business Resources: Set your OKR goals

Setting OKR goals can help you improve and grow your business. In the last years, the OKR methodology has become more and more popular. Huge companies such as Google and Adobe have made it a key part of their business strategy. Get a sneak-peek into what OKR goals are, how to set them, and how to present them to your team.

Keep reading to the end of the article for free PowerPoint templates that will help you showcase your OKR goals to your team!

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What are OKR goals?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. And just like its names says, it’s a goal-setting framework that can help you focus on what matters the most. OKR goals are defined by their simplicity. They must be set collaboratively to contribute to business transparency and effectiveness. OKR goals are great because they focus on the company as a whole, and what qualitative expectations it has. But they also focus on how to make these objectives come true, what specific measurements will show this, and which specific player is responsible for them.

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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are also a very popular tool when talking about measurable business goals. So what is the difference between OKR goals and KPIs?

OKR goals are holistic. Working with OKR means taking into account objectives that will help the company grow, and the specific Key Results are actions that can prove this. On the other hand, KPIs refer to determining quantitative measures that any department can set to evaluate the performance. For example, customer lifetime value, monthly revenue, or the traffic-to-lead ratio. Anything that can be measurable and that showcases your performance can become a KPI. It’s up to you to determine what could be a good performance indicator in your field.

OKR Goals are a strategic statement of intent. They are meant not only to evaluate your performance but to determine what outcomes you want to achieve for your business as a whole. For example, increase employee engagement, collect more accurate lead-data, or improve brand awareness. OKR goals should answer the question Where do I want to go? And only after you are perfectly clear on what you want to achieve, you can determine the specific, measurable Key Results that will showcase how close you’re from that Objective.

Sometimes, Key Results (from the OKR methodology) can be transformed into KPI language, and vice versa. For example, imagine one OKR objective is to “reduce the customer response time”. In this case, one of the Key Results that will show you achieved this objective could be “increase the customer support team by 30%”. If you want to “translate” this into KPIs, then the “number of customer support employees” could be a performance indicator for you. KPIs and OKR goals can sometimes overlap. But it’s important to remember that OKR is a strategic framework that will help you focus on what you want to achieve, while KPIs are the measurements you use to track your performance.

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How to set OKR goals

OKR Goals are divided into two sections. First, you need to set your Objectives. Like it was said before these are your intents. What do you want to achieve? This should be as clear as possible. And most importantly, their value must be perfectly clear. Why is this objective valuable for the company? OKR goals should be inspiring and push forward the business.

After you have set your Objective, it’s time to determine specific Key Results for it. If the objective determines what you’re aspiring to achieve, the Key Results are how you’re going to achieve it. What specific numbers and data will showcase that you’ve successfully reached your objective?

It’s important to remember that good OKR goals should also be actionable. Specific players within your business or company should be able to work on them and get results. You should be able to determine precisely who is taken responsibility for which point. Accountability is key in the OKR methodology. That’s why it’s such a good option for remote teams. OKR goals allow different teams and players to assume responsibility for specific Key Results and see how these impact the overall business Objectives. It’s an amazing tool to keep your whole team focused on the business’ growth and success.


Set your OKR goals with Koan

There are many possibilities and online tools designed to help you embrace the OKR methodology and establish your very own OKR goals. But one of the best options out there if definitely Koan.

Koan is an online platform for OKR goals that guarantee transparency within your team and your business objectives. It helps make clear who’s working on what, and how this will help the overall success of the business. In short, it allows your team focused on the purpose behind the work, and helps manage goals and track results.

For example, Koan has helped 24Slides manage an amazing team of designers in 4 different countries. Despite the difficulties of working in different time schedules and cultural clashes, Koan helps 24Slides employees to stay on the same page and focus on making amazing 24-hour custom PowerPoint designs.


Free PowerPoint templates to present your OKR goals

A PowerPoint presentation is one of the most effective ways to share information with your team and make sure you’re all on the same page. And since the OKR methodology is above all, collaborative, sharing it with your team is never a bad idea! Whether it is to set new OKR goals or to evaluate your performance, these free PowerPoint templates will help work even better with the OKR methodology.

Strategic Plan Presentation Template

strategic business PowerPoint template

When talking about OKR goals, “strategy” is definitely one of the first words that come to mind. This Strategic Plan PowerPoint template is perfect for sharing with your team what your business is looking to achieve. It has the perfect slides to showcase your Objectives and the Key Results needed to achieve successfully each of them. And if you want even more layout possibilities, you can also check out our Strategic Business Plan Template.


Milestone Roadmap PowerPoint Template

milestone roadmap free PowerPoint template

OKR goals should be constantly updated and reviewed. And to do this, it’s vital to take a look backward and see how far you’ve come. This milestone PowerPoint template will help you show your progress to your audience in order to set new, more inspiring OKR goals. And it will help you track your progress in each objective and key result.


Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template

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Scorecards are the perfect tool for performance tracking. And as such, they are a great option for presenting your OKR goals. Use this free PowerPoint template to showcase how are your Key Results going and how close you are from your objectives. For more designs, you can also download the Creative Scorecard Templates Pack. Even if it’s focused on KPIs, it’s still a great option to showcase your OKR Key Results data!