6 Things You Can Learn from Social Media for your Presentations

Over 1 billion Facebook subscribers, 2.4 billion viewers daily on YouTube , 5.14 million Twitter users; the statistics are endless and staggering. It can’t be denied how crucial and influential social media has been to our everyday lives, much more on the way we do business. For many years now, corporations have been scrambling to use social media to make a dominant presence, harness its power in recruitment, sales and even crowd-sourcing. So why not use what we know about social media today to take your presentations to the next level?

Here are 6 things social media has taught us which you can use for your next presentation:

Social media is about sharing

We love to share.  More specifically, studies have found that photos are the most popular thing we share. Yet, one of the most common blunders during presentations is delivering text-filled slides combined with dull grey background. The images we all share in a day are overwhelming. So why not do your own sharing of visuals in your presentation? Share something funny or adorable.

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We love awesomeness and humor

Studies found that 2 factors to make content go viral is the sense of awe and humor it possesses. Captivate your audience with something mind blowing. Break the ice by delivering a witty, funny line. Without you knowing it, these 2 are the ones your audience will remember the most and also, most likely share with others.

We love to connect

While this may sound common sense, nothing has captured this fact more evidently than the emergence of social media. For social media is all about relationships: connecting with friends on Facebook or building professional networks on LinkedIn. Members discuss or share while establishing strong support networks. Yet what happens usually during presentations? We skip the small talk, we neglect getting to know our audience. Remember, you’ll never be able to get across your point if there’s no sort of personal connection with your audience in the first place.

We love to be acknowledged

One of the biggest reasons people share is because it actually boosts self-esteem. Sharing personal information, status, quotes, photos gives us a unique identity within the crazy world of the web. It fulfills our human needs to gain status, be recognized, earn fame or attention.

And when people get more “likes” or “followers”, this turns into a positive reinforcement. Likewise, your presentation audience shouldn’t just be your “presentation audience”. Engage them, interact with them. Make them active participants as you try to solve a problem. Allowing them to share insights makes their identity known instead of being just “one of the many participants” in the room.

We absolutely love stories

As early as ancient times when cave art and hieroglyphics dominated as forms of expression, storytelling has been there. We all have desires to escape human condition or reality from time to time. Storytelling gives us this opportunity. In the same way, take your audience to a dream-like journey by sharing your content in a story-like fashion. This might just be the most important element in your presentation which gives it a human connection.

We’re an impatient bunch

Whether social media was created because of our impatience or caused it remains to be a chicken and egg dilemma. But one cannot overlook the fact that much of the news information people read come from social media sites because of speed and accessibility (sometimes though at the expense of accuracy). We like everything done with speed and “within our fingertips”. Likewise, get your message out as soon as you can in any presentation. Don’t beat around the bush with lengthy introductions. Let your audience immediately know what benefits they can get, lest they jump to the next presentation available from the millions out there.

What other things have you realized about the popularity of social media which can be applied during presentations? Let us know through your comments below.