Holiday Special: Free Thanksgiving PowerPoint Template

Holiday Season starts right now with this amazing Thanksgiving PowerPoint template! Surprise your team with this presentation, and use this holiday as an occasion to express your gratitude to your team and set new goals.

free Thankgiving PowerPoint template

Thanksgiving, as its name says, is the holiday to show your appreciation. It’s a great idea if you extend this positive outlook to your office as well. You can say thanks for the good work and effort. Or to improve the team spirit. You can even use this occasion to review some of your goals and set new ones for the future. Whichever you choose, Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to get together with your team and celebrate.

This free PowerPoint template gives you all the tools you need to build some positive culture in your company. It’s great for HR or managers that are looking to encourage their teams and employees to get better and closer to each other.

The Slides

This PowerPoint template includes 10 slides with a Thanksgiving theme design. You’ll find in this pack title slides and description slides for all the information you deem relevant. It also includes section slides you can use to showcase the company’s values. Since dinner is such an important part of Thanksgiving, this template features some deliciously looking food pictures. And finally, it also includes some pie charts in case you have some quantitative data you want to share with your team.

To edit the Thanksgiving PowerPoint template

All our templates are not only free but also easy to edit!. You can change the color palette of the design or just a specific element. Either use the Design ribbon > Variants > Colors and choose the color palette you like the most. Or, use the Shape Fill option to change colors one by one. You can also change the font and size of the entire presentation if you’re looking for something a little bit different!

You can also copy and paste elements between slides to customize them. Change and add backgrounds as you please to make the template entirely your own. Animations are not part of this template, but you can add them on your own for a more fun, engaging presentation.

If you need more help editing this free PowerPoint template you can check out our Ultimate PowerPoint Template Guide.

download free Thanksgiving PowerPoint template