Top 3 Myths about Investing in Design

When it comes to spending on professional design, not all companies are keen to take this critical step especially entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Part of the reason is because of certain myths that perpetuate about investing in design. Here are top 3 ones to know more about investing in professional design and what it can mean for your business particularly in the long-run:

Myth #3: Designers are just that: designers.

TRUTH: Graphic designers, especially as they gain more experience over the years are not simply your “average artists”. Most often, they also play the roles of psychologist, field researcher, market consultant and even sociologist when the need arises.

Top 3 Myths-02

Whenever you see a professionally created design, you are just seeing the final output. But it’s actually a result of a painstakingly elaborate process of research, collaboration, prototyping and fine tuning. Professional designers have gone through the process of designing over and over again, making them highly valuable and helpful. Essentially, this extensive experience gradually results in being able to intuitively know what works and what doesn’t. These are what make even the simplest looking designs highly effective and powerful.

Myth #2: The importance of design has dwindled in the past years.

TRUTH: Not quite. On the contrary, because of the advent of internet, its significance has been greater in the past decades more than ever. With millions of products and services, both old and new, competing for the same market share, great design has become crucial for your product or service to stand out.

Myth #1: And the number one most common myth about designing? It’s an expense.

TRUTH: Designing is actually an investment as opposed to just an expense. Investing in design is not the same as spending on grocery items which you have to do every week or so. Nor is it similar to investing in equipment which is subject to depreciation and wear and tear. When you spend on professional design, its effects and the profitability that it could give you may last for years. Which is why incredibly effective designs like the Coca Cola logo have not changed a lot over the course of time.

In fact, a survey conducted by an organization for Swedish engineering companies have found that difference in profitability between firms that have invested in design and those that have not is 50% or more. And this profound effect resulting from investing in design is seen even 7 years after.

To establish your unique brand, make your mark in the industry and visually express your company’s ideals—these are just some of the reasons why investing in design is no longer just an option but a valuable necessity in today’s world.

What other benefits have you discovered from investing in professional design? Let us know through your comments below.