How to Use Colors in Achieving 4 PowerPoint Presentation Themes

If you’re trying to build a specific look or theme for your presentation, you should keep in mind that colors do matter and have a major, powerful impact for presentation themes. In this post, our 24Slides designers focus on 4 major PowerPoint themes and offer tips on how to set the right colors for each:


For stylish themes, you’d want to give your slides a vibrant, hip, youthful look that exudes a high energy.

  • Select at least two or three colors compositions
  • Add life to your presentation by using saturated and vibrant tones for your color tones
  • Bring out a trendy style by looking for the free form among objects
  • Apply a contrasting background and foreground
  • Set the layout to be dynamic yet not too crowded nor cluttered
  • Recommended fonts to use are: Helvetica, Bebas Neue and other condensed bold fonts


To bring out a cartoonish theme for your presentation, you need to make your style animated and playful without appearing too loud or brash.

  • Feel free to use eye catching and contrasting colors but ensure that when combined, they’re still in harmony
  • When using 3 or more colors, set the color intensity from one of the colors
  • Give your presentation a fun twist by applying various colors for your text
  • You may use random layout
  • Make your icons dynamic and curvy instead of having prominently sharp edges
  • To keep your design organized yet still attractive, choose one point of interest to stand out
  • Vary your fonts for heading and content
  • Recommended font choices: Calibri, hand-written like fonts to emphasize, custom Styling fonts


A presentation that’s distinctly corporate should strike a balance between professionalism, organization and maintain the interest of your audience.

  • Pick only one color to stand out throughout your presentation
  • When selecting colors, use one with a mature color tone (e.g. one that’s not too bright) and can easily complement neutral colors
  • Use a straight layout. Remember, straight or simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring!
  • Keep your design neat and uncluttered as it will likewise impact attractiveness
  • Avoid using too many shapes and don’t overdo curves
  • Simple and well proportioned fonts are recommended: Helvetica, Gotham


To achieve that minimalist look for your presentation, it’s important to keep your design neat, simple yet without appearing dull or unattractive. Your goal is to show that “less” is actually “more”.

  • Choose solid colors with a high contrast between the background and foreground
  • Use only basic, solid colors and add a hint of a different color to bring out a certain style
  • Keep your items or icons arranged in an orderly fashion
  • Keep your alignment precise
  • Suggested fonts to use: Helvetica, Calibri Light, Open Sans, Roboto, Bebas Neue, Gotham

So go ahead. Make the most out of the multitude of colors available and what they can do or bring to create a more impact, awesome and captivating presentation based on your chosen theme!