Why you should do an Ignite presentation

Have you heard of an ignite presentation? Perhaps you have and you want to know more. Maybe you saw an Ignite event advertised and felt intrigued. Or maybe you haven’t heard of Ignite but you are looking for alternative presentation styles.

If you are a presenter and you want to improve your presentation and PowerPoint skills, you’re in the right place. Ignite presentations are a rising global trend for anyone looking to feel inspired – and you should be a part of it.

What is an Ignite presentation?

Ignite is one of the many rising alternative presentation styles. It lasts for 5 minutes and contains 20 slides. Each slide changes automatically after 15 seconds. This style forces you to be concise and organised. It also inspires a lot of originality. And it’s great for a range of presentations, from classrooms to corporate pitches to conferences.

Brady Forrest created Ignite in Seattle in 2006. The presentation style originated in his desire to create events that shared ideas. It rose up from the tech community as a networking purpose. But now it is one of the global alternative presentation styles that has gone viral. Ignite communities now exist in over 100 cities worldwide.

Like Pecha Kucha, Ignite forces you into a strict time constraint. But rather than being stressful and hurried, the result is often fun and creative. It seems that presenters actually thrive under structured presentation styles. Ignite’s slogan is “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” And many presenters have succeeded in doing just that.

Read more and view more Ignite presentation ideas on their website.

Why should you do an Ignite presentation?

There are many different motives for you to join the Ignite revolution. After all, it has gone global for a reason. So we’ve outlines some of the main details below.

To improve your presentation styles

Experimenting with different presentation styles will only improve your skills as a presenter. It will also show that you are up-to-date on current formats. And with knowledge about alternative presentation styles, you could even create the next new presentation trend. Or at least you will develop a unique way of presenting that works best for you.

An Ignite presentation pushes you to be fun, creative, and concise as a speaker. You have to fit your words into 15-minute slots yet also make your speech flowing and natural. Timing must be on point. If you fumble over your words, you might lose the synchronisation of your whole presentation. Therefore, practice is also paramount. Flow, timing, and practice are all key elements to being a great public speaker. An ignite presentation will emphasise the importance of those presentation qualities.

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To engage your audience

An Ignite presentation is not only great for the speaker. It is great for the audience too. The speedy nature of the 15-second slides captures the attention of your audience and keeps it until the end. They don’t have time to get distracted. They don’t have opportunity to experience death by PowerPoint. Instead, you hook limited attention spans immediately.

These snappy presentation styles are more about entertainment than information. While details and content is important, capturing the audience is more important. They can research your company or idea further after the presentation. But you have to inspire that desire. You must ignite that call to action within your audience. 5 minutes is not enough time to say everything you want to say about your idea. But it is enough time to give a taste of it. Leave the audience feeling hungry for more. And stick around afterwards to offer more information.

Alexis Bauer does a great Ignite presentation on how to work a crowd if you want to boost your social skills.

To be part of a community

Ignite is more than just a presentation style. It is also a global community. They began as networking events in Seattle and have expanded to cities throughout the world. It’s easy to find an event close to you. Most have their own local website and social network. For example, this is the Ignite page for Wales. And if you don’t have a local Ignite nearby, you can start your own!

A community spirit gives you the change to both absorb and share new Ignite presentation ideas. Their events allow you to meet new people in your area and network with social and professional connections. You can observe the presentation skills of others and adapt their successes to your own technique. Or you might come across a life-changing concept that you want to be involved in. Either way, attending an Ignite event will lead to something good.

The community appeal is similar to a Pecha Kucha presentation, another one of the alternative presentation styles you can read more about here: “What is a Pecha Kucha presentation?

To improve your PowerPoint skills

A great thing about Ignite presentations is you have a strict PowerPoint format from the beginning. Usually, the most difficult decisions to face when first making slides is how many to use, how long to use each one, and how long the PowerPoint should last. With an Ignite presentation, all those choices are made for you. All you have to do is adapt the Ignite presentation format to fit your Ignite presentation ideas.

Be sure to check out the Ignite videos section for inspirational Ignite presentation ideas.

The restricted Ignite presentation format makes it difficult to fall into class PowerPoint traps. You simply cannot fill your slide with text, for example, because you know the audience cannot read it within 15 seconds. So you must use large, striking images instead. You also cannot use overly complex charts or graphs because the audience will not have time to understand its meaning. So you must use powerful and punchy visuals. You cannot use layered or cluttered slides because the reader won’t have time to skip between each object on the slide. So you must keep slides simple. All these things encourage better PowerPoints.

Remember, you can also create an Ignite presentation using a 24Slides template.

To conclude, Ignite presentations are fun, creative, snappy, social alternative presentation styles. And there is a world of Ignite events out there for you to join. So what are you waiting for?