Project status report powerpoint template
Project Summary Slide
Project Data Slides featuring line charts
Project Goals Slide
Project Timeline of six steps
Six-stage circle diagram for a Project Status Report
Six section slide
Project files slide
five-step process slide
blue thank you slide for a corporate presentation
Project status report powerpoint template

Project Status Report Template

Number of slides: 10

When leading a project, it is very likely that managers and stakeholders ask you for updates. But don’t send them just a text-heavy document! The best way to summarize a project’s key results and progress is by doing a Project Status Report Presentation. This tool will provide your manager and team crucial information about the project you’re working on, its progress and help you discuss issues that may threaten the development of the project. Use the Project Summary Slide, Project Data Slide, and Project Timeline to reassure everything is going as planned.

Free Project Status Report Template

Project Summary Slide

This slide works as your executive summary and, as you know, it is a critical section of your report. Managers tend to rely on the project summary to decide whether they want to see more or not, so you better make it brief, engaging and include only important data. Here you can highlight what your team has accomplished, key issues, solutions implemented and next goals.

Project Data Slide

Impact your viewers with data. The Project Data Slide features three line charts which you can use to show the results of your project’s activities. They can be pretty useful for contrasting the initial situation against current results. And, if you feel like it, you can add a third scenario of how the results will look at the end of the project.

Project Timeline 

Is there a process you would like to present in your Project Status Report? Use the project timeline featuring numbers from one to six. This horizontal diagram can also work to highlight six pieces of important information. For example: next project goals, key issues, etc.

Project files

If you have additional files related to the project, this template provides a slide with icons of little documents. You can link them here and open each one with just a click during your presentation.

Corporate Presentation

Blue and white are two contrasting colors that, when put together, give any presentation an elegant and corporate look.

Keep your team informed

You can use this status report template to show updates of projects, training programs, employee duties, etc.

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