New Technology Presentation Template
About us slide for a technology company presentation
Mobile phone screens in a slide for a digital technology presentation
Technology services and products
Digital Technology timeline
Goals slide for a technology start up presentation
infographic charts for a technology presentation
table chart with tick and cross symbols
blue column charts for a technology presentation
Modern thank you slide with desktop images
New Technology Presentation Template

Digital Technology PowerPoint Template

Number of slides: 10

Nowadays, the tech industry is stronger than ever! Think about it: technology has become a part of our everyday life and even organizations depend on technologies to keep their operations running. If you are already part of the tech industry or work for a tech startup, this is the right template for you. Use the About Us Slide, Technology Services Slide and the Technology Infographic Slide to prepare a winning pitch deck or B2B sales presentation.

Free Digital Technology Presentation Template

About Us Slide

Talk about the business idea. Whether you are in a meeting with potential investors or in front of client prospects, this slide will help you introduce your tech startup and spread the values your team stands for. How do your products or services improve your customer’s life? Explain it briefly. You will have the opportunity to say more about this in the next slide.

Technology Services Slide

What does your tech company do? This creative slide features three mobile screens as boxes where you can show your top selling products or the services your team provides. You can also use these boxes to talk about the areas of technology your company specializes in. For
example: VR, AI, cloud services, mobile, etc. 

Technology Infographic Slide 

This is one of the most complete infographic slides for presenting important data. It comes with a world map graphic, icons and a data-driven doughnut chart which you can use to highlight key information like your target market, annual profits, and more.

Tech industry

If you work in the tech industry, this template is a must-have tool for your future presentations. It includes charts and visual elements that will make any technical concept easy to understand.

Technology for businesses

If managed correctly, technology can provide added value to users or customers and help organizations lead their markets.

Incredible Presentation Template

The Technology Presentation Template adapts to any tech-related topic such as IoT, Software design, high tech, artificial intelligence, etc.

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