Oil and gas title slide
Blue and orange text slide with a picture of a drilling machine
Creative four-points list with a text box
Colorful bar charts for oil and gas topics
Color-coded world map graphic
Creative list with three text boxes and a drilling machine icon
Creative three-points list with oil and gas related icons in colors orange and blue
Oil and gas text slide featuring an image and icons
Four-stages process timeline with oil and gas icons
creative thank you slide for oil and gas presentations
Oil and gas title slide

Oil and Gas Presentation Template

Number of slides: 10

The Oil and Gas industry has a huge impact on the global economy as it generates energy for industrial activities around the world. After the extraction and refining of natural resources, the Oil and Gas industry provides a long list of petroleum products like diesel fuel, gasoline, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and asphalt that other sectors require. Boost your marketing B2B presentations in front of senior decision makers and close deals with this oil-and-gas-themed template.

Free Oil & Gas PowerPoint Template

Oil and Gas Firm’s Accomplishments Slide

As part of your introduction, use this slide to list your most notable business accomplishments. Think about important projects your team took part of, international certifications obtained, positive media coverage, anything that shows your audience they can expect nothing but high-quality solutions from your business.

Oil and Gas Process Slide

Corporate Social Responsibility is an area that every firm in the Oil and Gas industry should focus on. This slide offers a four stage timeline to cover the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. Here you can explain how you take action during the exploration, extraction, transportation, and refining process to minimize any negative effects on society and the natural environment.

Energy Consumption Slide

What industries you provide energy for? and Which are your main markets? are some of the questions your public may ask. Use the world map graphic to color-code countries or regions and indicate where your biggest clients are from. If you need to talk about energy consumption by industries, you will find a data-driven bar chart to display up to four sectors like transportation, construction or commerce.

Oil and Gas conferences and trade shows

If you want to build a strong brand for your business, Oil and Gas events are the place to be. Make sure your presentation showcases how your product or service resolved your client’s problem.

Energy sector analysis

Use our Data-driven graphics to present an analysis of your sector and show that you’re aware of the political and economic factors that may affect the oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas icons

This orange and blue template comes with icons representing oil wells, drilling machines, fuel oil barrels and filling stations to easily explain the upstream, midstream and downstream areas.

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