We can refine your presentations or completely redesign them.

Treatment Types

Brush up

With a brushup, we will format your existing slides so they follow your style guide and template. We will keep the current structure of each slide and no new design elements will be added. The fonts, colors, and sizes in the slides will be aligned and where appropriate, icons and pictures that we have in our library can be added. You could say that we give your presentation a thorough spring cleaning so that everything is clean, tidy, and consistent.


With a redesign, your slides will be completely transformed. Diagrams, graphs and visual elements will be designed specifically for your presentation. With this treatment, we challenge how things currently look to find the best way to convey your message. You could compare this to a complete makeover, where we repaint the walls, bring in new furniture, and change the layout of a room to fit your needs.

Before and After Examples.

  • Slide with REDESIGN treatment

  • Slide with BRUSH UP treatment

  • Slide with REDESIGN treatment

  • Slide with BRUSH UP treatment

  • Slide with REDESIGN treatment

Choose the Style You Prefer


Design is kept simple, with the content as the focal point


Design is vibrant, hip and exudes high energy


Design is animated and playful but not too loud

Own Style

Design is aligned with your brand style guide

Don’t know which style is best for your presentation?

We Design Presentations for Some Great Companies

Gretchen Ponts


"The key to the success with working with 24Slides has been the designers’ ability to revamp basic information on a slide into a dynamic yet clean and clear visual presentation coupled with the speed in which they do so. We do not work in an environment where time is on our side and the visual presentation is everything. In those regards, 24Slides has been invaluable."

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