24Slides Family Gathering: “Impactful Debut”


Great start of the year

Happy New Year everyone! In 2018, at 24Slides, we’re expecting tons of new and exciting events. The first and biggest one until now was the special occasion held on the 6th of January at our office in Indonesia. We welcomed the new year with a brand new event called 24Slides Family Gathering.

24slides family gathering

Caption: Rio Presenting the Team Members

24slides family gathering

Caption: Attendees Watching a Video from Tobias

The biggest celebration yet

The Family Gathering event gathered our loved ones together with us for one big celebration. The day started with a magnificent speech delivered by Sandie, our HR Manager. After that, we introduced 24Slides and its core elements such as the team members, the office components, and the company’s culture. We also launched Employee of the Year’s program.

Further, we entertained our guests with a music band, a magic show, and several games, which added lots colors to this occasion. The most expected moment of this event was the music performance by Anwar, Cessarrio, Deni, and Mikha as Lorem Ipsum band. Finally, we enjoyed food and beverages with our beloved families.

24slides family gathering

Caption: Lorem Ipsum Band!

24slides family gathering

Caption: The Lucky Ones to Win the Prize from the Game Session

Behind the scene

We started 2018 in our brand new office, a perfect circumstance to introduce 24Slides to our families. The idea behind the family gathering is quite simple, yet meaningful. We chose the title “Impactful Debut” to express our new beginnings at the 24slides Design Office in Malang. This was the first time when we organized an event with other people besides the team members. We also got support from some sponsors and media partners to make this happen.

Moreover, It took us less than two months to prepare this first Family Gathering event. We had great volunteers from 24Slides Indonesia as part of the organizing team. Lead by Reza, the team managed to build a concept that successfully created a fellowship among all the attendees. We even got a cool photo corner where everyone could capture their moments with their beloved ones and a playground area for kids. Considering this was a debut, the work behind the event was unbelievable.

24slides family gathering

Caption: Some of the Team Members on the Photo Corner

One day before the event, we had an Annual Internal Meeting, where we discussed the user reviews from 2017, the goals for 2018, and the launch of some new programs.

“The employees are assets of the company rather than tools”, Sandie highlighted.

After the meeting, we had supper in our cafeteria while preparing for the 24Slides Family Gathering.

What a way to start 2018!