A Time for Giving Back: Our Ramadan Sembako Efforts

While fasting is an essential part of Ramadan, for people following the Islamic faith, it is also a time for reflection and community. Muslims are encouraged to make Ramadan a time for good deeds and giving back to the community as a way to show obedience and commitment to Allah. 

As a company with an office in Indonesia, where many of our colleagues follow the Muslim Faith, Ramadan is the perfect time to show them our support and give them the tools to create a positive impact in their communities. 

In previous years, 24Sliders have participated in different charity events for this time, especially creating over 400 meals and distributing them to help people break fast after sundown.  This year was no exception, as our colleagues in Malang came together to prepare “sembako,” packages of essential commodities meant to support less fortunate families. 

Sembako, meaning “Nine Essentials,” are the selected basic products that every family needs. In Ramadan, Sembako often becomes especially important as this means being able to break their fast and remaining healthy.  

Our colleagues from Malang built 70 packages that included rice, oil, sugar, instant noodles, sardine fish, salt, tea, and soy sauce. These basic commodities have become costly for poorer families, making it crucial for initiatives such as these to help people out. In collaboration with the local Mosque, 24Sliders were able to identify those who might need these packages the most, especially families with widowers, as well as families with elderly or members with health issues who are unable to be economically active.  

The benefits are more effective because the donations are distributed directly to those in need in the area closest to the Kaliurang office. It turns out that there are still many people in need around the Kaliurang office, especially for basic necessities.” – Imaniar, Project Manager

On March 4th, our 24Slides volunteers spent the day getting the packages ready and distributing them to the families. It was an exciting event that contributed to giving back to the community and created tighter bonds among our team by working together for a good cause. 

24Slides main goal has always been to empower people. We believe that by giving them the tools and support needed, we can create a greater, more meaningful, positive impact in the surrounding communities. We’re incredibly proud of our colleagues’ efforts and how they embody 24Slides core values. All our volunteers are an example for us, and we’re looking forward to enabling even more people to come forward with initiatives like this one. 

Personally, I feel like I can get closer to my 24Slides colleagues, especially those from other departments. My hope is that 24Slides will be even more successful in the future and will be able to help even more people.” – Emiliya, Customer Support