Delivering Ramadan Happiness Packages in 24Slides

Every culture has its holiday season, and in Indonesia, it takes place on the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, the holy month of Ramadan. This year, Ramadan is taking up most of April. 

During this month, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset in response to the direct command from the Muslim people’s God (Allah). The intention of fasting is to spend time self-reflecting and resisting lust, and most importantly, to show obedience as a servant of God. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to do as many good deeds as possible. A common way is to give people meals to break the fasting. 

Therefore, this Ramadan, 24Slides Indonesia initiated an activity to encourage our colleagues to do good together. We purchased 320 packs of the iftar meal to hand out. The food was purchased from local food stalls with the intention of supporting local businesses and thus adding an extra impact element to the activity.

Together, we spent four afternoons in April packing and handing out meal packs to people who passed our office in Malang. Our colleagues would gather and help each other out preparing and packing paper bags with mineral water and food to be handed out just prior to sunset. 

With this activity we saw colleagues from various departments bond and engage with each other. By  the end, 60 colleagues had engaged in this impactful activity over the course of four days.

It was my first Ramadan with 24Slides, I can only say that I am so happy to be involved in this activity for four days. My heart is full with happiness and warmness”, said Fanny, Junior CSR Partner of 24Slides.

There’s no doubt that this was a very heartwarming moment for the people involved. Lots of smiles were exchanged between 24Sliders and the beneficiaries of our meal packs, and more people testify that these days have left them with a special feeling of happiness and warmth.

As a Certified B-Corporation, we have committed ourselves to having a positive impact on the world, and this activity proves how our Indonesian colleagues have taken that commitment seriously and engaged in a week-long activity to support the local community. Well done!