Play Saturday: Kartini Day

21st April is always special for Indonesian women. Every year on that day, we celebrate women emancipation in our country.

21st April, which then named as Kartini Day, is actually the birthday of Raden Ajeng kartini, a javanese woman that successfully inspired our nation to change the paradigm toward women’s role in society. Through her thoughts and hopes that she wrote on her letters to her friends, Kartini spoke up and fought for women equality.

In the 1890s, the time when Kartini was a teenager, due to cultural shackles, women had limited rights in pursuing education and had no power to refuse early-age marriage. Because they were not educated, they did not have knowledge or ability to improve their potential to make achievement or give more impact toward their community or family outside their role as homemaker.

Kartini built a school for women in 1903 in Rembang, Central Java, to provide the chance of pursuing education for women at that time.

We use this moment to bring special theme about Kartini into the quiz game we held on last month’s play Saturday. We wore Kartini-themed-attire and batik to liven up the ambience. The questions we had for the quiz was about general knowledge, history and awareness on the subject of women contribution toward the betterment of our nation. It is about the heroine of Indonesia.

Heni, Rahma, Imaniar, Rispo, Rengga and Himawan as organizers of this Play Saturday prepared stunning visual opening bumper and concept for the game. The motion bumper they prepared made it feels like real quiz we usually watch on TV.

Rahma and Rispo, took over the stage and acted as game master. Thanks to them who really into their role, the whole game ambience became amusing and lively.

On the First round, we played ‘snatching the score’ format. Each team had their own unique chant as ‘signal’. Once the game master read the question, the team who look most excited whooping their ‘signal’ would be given a chance to answer.

The more excited you whoop, the more chances you get to answer, and the more points you can snatch. You’ll be surprised with the huge energy and thunderous chant we yell to snatch the point.  After 10 questions, team 1 won the first session.

The next round, we did quiz with different formats. It’s not a game of team signal anymore. Instead, One representative of every team came forward and answered the question individually.

They were given 3 options of help like in popular who wants to be a millionaire quiz: ask the audience, call for a friend, and fifty-fifty.

This session had about 15 questions and getting harder as specific question about national heroine kept coming out. It requires good general knowledge and memory to conquer those question. This round, the victory belonged to team 2.

After 30 minutes break and had lunch together, we went on to the third session, which was the most exciting part, a guessing song game. We love listening music and love the nostalgic memory that music made.

We back to team play format. Like the first round, we would rely on how excited each participant team whooping their ‘signal’. Started from easiest question, we guess the recent popular songs through google voice lyric.

Once a song was successfully guessed, we would sing it together. It was so much fun doing karaoke for the song we all know.

As the game is getting harder, we also had to guess the playlist of 2000s and 1990s. Those songs are the part of our memory and we enjoyed a melancholia throwback when we recalled the lyrics of the songs and sang it together in the end. The hardest part is guessing the 1980s playlist since most of us were still an infant at that time.

Fun moment always rolls on quickly. it has been 3 hours of awesome game, and we reach the end of the game. After calculated whole score, we had winner announcement and photo team session with each team holding their prize. Team 2, 5 and 1 got the highest score and was on first to third place respectively.

Quiz game never failed to trigger 2 important things, festive atmosphere  and our competitive selves that love to snatch the score. That day, We were happy experiencing the joy of competition and doing karaoke nostalgic song together while acquiring new general knowledge about kartini and other great Indonesian women.

For all the great women around the world, we wish you an inspiring life like Kartini’s life. Happy Kartini Day!