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24Slides Template Hub is a library of high impact PowerPoint templates. Members can download templates and customize them, import data into them and re-brand them as they see fit. The library is an extension of 24Slides’ custom presentation design service.
In order to ensure that the presentation templates are not public and therefore over-used, we restrict it to members only. We do however allow (and recommend) members to invite friends and colleagues. This allows us to grow and build exposure while also giving people the option to invite friends and colleagues to use the library as well.
Unfortunately, you need to be sent an invitation via email.
We include templates that fall into pharmaceutical, management, consulting, retail, SaaS, finance and many more. These are high impact templates with multiple slides in each template, and some animated templates. All can be easily customized in PowerPoint, Keynote of Google Slides and many are connected to data sheets that can be edited in Excel.
We want to grow our community, but we want to make sure that we keep it restricted, too. We believe that this is a high value library and that it’s something that you feel you can share with your friends and colleagues knowing that they’ll benefit from it. That way, we build exposure while providing you and your network with high performance, customizable templates.
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