24Slides Launches its First Volunteer Program

At 24Slides, we design impactful business presentations, but there’s a bigger goal that inspires us every day. As a socially responsible company, we exist to empower people in emerging markets.

Our colleagues in a trash cleanup event

That’s why we’re proud to introduce “24Volunteer“, our first volunteer program for our teams in Denmark, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Peru. From now on, all 24Slides employees may take up to three days off a year to support NGOs and charitable projects. This means they can take this time from their working week and still get compensated – as a paid leave to volunteer in their communities.

Why do we do it?

We believe businesses can generate value beyond profits. And 24Volunteer is our way to encourage a triple impact in society:

Better employees: Volunteering doesn’t end at helping others. It opens unique opportunities to strengthen key soft skills for personal and professional growth. According to Ghent University, volunteers are as healthy as five years younger non-volunteers; ergo, volunteer work positively affects health and career development. (Ghent University, 2017, link

Better communities: We want to give back to the communities in which we operate, and there’s no better way to do so than making our most significant asset (our people) available to them. This is how we remove barriers for local nonprofits to access highly qualified talent, and our team learns how to contribute to today’s world issues.

Better companies: Finally, we seek to grow a team that challenges us to do better as a business and inspires our many stakeholders through their volunteer experiences. 

A first look into the 24Volunteer program

Last week, our colleagues from Indonesia participated in a trash cleanup at the Wonosari Tea Plantation in Malang. 

The plan was to pick up litter (a physical activity that supports our SDG #3 Good-Health and Wellbeing) and then sell it to raise funds for charity (SDG #1 No Poverty). Due to the condition of the trash, it wasn’t sellable. However, our team still spent an active day outside, bringing back a cleaner space for the community to enjoy.

This event also served as a pilot to comprehend the value a program like 24Volunteer could bring to everyone involved.

Reddy and Tasya from 24Slides Indonesia

Tasya from customer support shared: “24Slides has given us an amazing opportunity to undertake volunteer work by providing a full day off so we can solely focus on the activity in itself. Having the weight of daily responsibilities off of our shoulders allowed us to learn freely and gain other things along the way.

She also confirms the desire we’ve seen in many of our colleagues to give back to society. In her own words: “It’s necessary for us to perform these activities first-hand to experience the realities around us and have the opportunity to do something about them.”

As a Certified B Corporation, we’re committed to our purpose of empowering people in emerging markets. And with 24Volunteer, we want to offer our colleagues the chance to take an active role in their communities and lead the change for a more sustainable world together.