How New Employees Start Life at 24Slides

This article was written by Himawan, Project Manager, Indonesia, as part of 24Slides’ Storyteller’s Program.

Hey everyone, I’m Himawan, and I’m gonna show you what life as a new employee is like at 24Slides. Our company is still rapidly growing despite the pandemic situation, and we are excited to welcome newcomers to our offices. I’ve collected some short stories from my colleagues in Indonesia, Peru, and Denmark. They have shared their stories and opinions about their training periods and working environment. Let’s see how their life at 24Slides started!

In almost every role at 24Slides, someone would go through a training period as the earliest phase. It starts with onboarding sessions. Alina in Denmark says that it took her from learning about the company – its purpose and mission – to product demos, and then from coffee chats with colleagues and 1-on-1s with the manager to everything her department currently does. “You can know for sure your onboarding process includes everything you need to know when your last task is to ‘adjust your chair’,” she added. 

Another interesting experience was shared by Luiggi in Peru. He felt that his first month at 24 Slides was truly a challenge. “To tell the truth, in my career as a designer I had never focused too much on the layout area and PowerPoint. It was something 80% new to me,” he said. Luiggi continued, “But I decided to give a chance to this great opportunity – to work in a company with all these good vibes and full of chances to really grow as a designer”. So day by day he was learning new things, as he got used to new tools and kind of like competing with other trainees. He also found the people in charge of the training period were great and helpful.

During the training period, Luiggi felt the work-life balance as he still got time to spend with family, friends, and work on work personal projects, which is something very important to him. Tasya in Indonesia felt the same, as she even felt that the employee work-life balance is only the beginning here. “Since my training period, I realized that the company is fully committed to inspiring greatness inside and outside of work,” she said. Tasya’s colleague in Indonesia, Arif, is also happy that he has finally found the environment he’s been looking for after working in several companies before joining 24Slides, “I like it here because of the casual working space”, he said.

Nina (Indonesia) and Katherine (Peru) give the nod that their new working environment is indeed very positive. Nina described 24Slides as a multinational company with great work ethics. “My co-workers are also very supportive and encouraging,” she added. Katherine shared a similar feeling as she is excited to see more of her new environment as well. “I haven’t had the chance to meet everyone in person but I look forward to it, I think it could only get better,” she said.

Those are some interesting points of view we got from our stars in the making at 24Slides. We can see that it has been quite an adventure for them, an enjoyable one to say the least. But it’s just the beginning, and I believe they – along with everyone else in the company – have more cool stories to share moving forward.