Facing Personal Difficulties as a Member of 24Slides

This article was written by Jorge, Customer Support, Peru, as part of 24Slides’ Storyteller’s Program.

Have you ever felt that thrill of being in financial trouble and having no one to turn to? Worse still, after having suffered family losses and having to use all your savings?

This was my case, as my wife and I had to face the loss of two people very dear and close to us, which led us to become economically unbalanced, having used our savings and available credit line.

When this type of situation arises, we normally go either to the bank or our family. But there are extreme situations like the one I went through, in which you don’t know what is going to happen or how to solve it, and where, as much as they want, family can’t help you.

On these occasions, it is not uncommon to feel abandoned, but not at 24Slides.

Here you not only feel good about the work you do and for which you get paid well, but in addition to all the benefits we receive, we have the possibility of accessing an emergency loan program. This initiative gives us the possibility of receiving a loan for urgent issues, whether for family, educational concerns, or other urgent necessities. All this, without interest, invading our privacy or asking uncomfortable questions as a bank would.

As a result of this unbalance, I had a pending amount to cover for my son’s schooling. I did not want to apply for a bank loan since it would mean paying high interest, so I turned to the Emergency Loan Program. Just like I thought, the company made me feel secure and supported. Not only did they approve the Emergency Loan Program in a short period of time, but they accompanied me in the process, which meant even more to me.

This meant a lot to me and my family, as our children’s education is our top priority. And as if that was not enough, the company also allowed me to create a custom payment plan in order to keep my life quality while I repay it.

24Slides is the best place I have ever worked at, as they help you grow professionally, and they also offer you this type of benefit. It makes you feel that you are not only working for a great company but that you are part of a great family.

A big family that cares about you, the children in Indonesia, and the situation of our colleagues in Ukraine.

Definitely, the loan that I accepted not only helped me in a difficult situation but also made me reaffirm the idea that 24Slides is the right place to be and I am sure it will continue to be.