Balancing Purpose and Profit: 24Slides Experience Being Nominated to the E-handelsprisen 2022 Award

When 24Slides began as a little 4-person office in Malang, Indonesia, little did we know we had such an incredible, exciting journey ahead of us. Focusing on quality and the human component behind our work, we’ve been able to grow year by year to the point where we’re now, with a fair business model that focuses on the growth and development of our over 200 employees. We’re not afraid to dream big and be ambitious with our goals, and the best thing? It keeps paying off.

Three years ago, we won the Børsen Gazelle Award for companies with outstanding business growth for the very first time. And little did we know, that was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve come to win the Gazelle Award two more times in a row, including last year. And now, we’ve received another incredible recognition. 

This year we were nominated for the very first time for the E-handelsprisen 2022 Award in the B2B corporation with an online revenue below 200 mio. DKK category. This is an incredible acknowledgment given to organizations by the Danish industry association, Dansk Erhverv

It’s an impressive recognition given to 24Slides as a company and a testament to our outstanding growth and unique business model. Despite the 2020 pandemic and the sales “hold” in 2021, we’ve managed to not only keep the company running, but have actively grown and improved. 

Just being part of the nomination process for the E-handelsprisen Award has been amazing. We were initially nominated within the top 20 companies in our category. After being selected, businesses are meant to write a 2-page essay to showcase their achievements and why they’re worthy of the award. We’re proud to say that 24Slides passed that test with flying colors. The best 5 companies where then chosen to present themselves to a panel of jurors in order to decide the winners. 

“For the first time in 24Slides’ history, we were nominated for the E-handelsprisen Award. The process has been really cool because we’ve had to present ourselves to a jury, and being a bootstrapped company, we’ve never had to pitch the company before. This resulted in some really interesting discussions internally about what to focus on and how to “present” the company. In the end, we focused on how we can see the benefits of being a purpose-driven company, and I’m damn proud that we were able to come forward with this message and be acknowledged for it.” – Tobias Schelle, CEO

For us, It was vital to highlight that 24Slides is about putting the people first. Being a “bootstrapped” business means that we have no outside investors or sponsors, which means that our growth is entirely organic. The revenue we have, we reinvest it in the company to keep growing and improving. 

Not only that, but not having investors’ expectations also leaves us “free” to define our own balance between purpose and profit. Economic growth is crucial, but only if it’s accompanied by good business practices, empowering and developing 24Slides employees, and giving back to the community. This type of award is vital for us because they show how much growth the company has grown and proves how a good and sustainable business model can exceed even our wildest dreams. 

Finally, the big day arrived. On May 19th, in Copenhagen, representatives from all the nominated companies got together to receive the winners’ announcement. It was a fantastic event with lots of speeches, dinner, drinks, drag queens, dancing, and an open bar, and the Danish team celebrated on behalf of everyone in 24Slides. 

In the end, 24Slides was awarded 2nd place in the E-handelsprisen 2022 for Best B2B with revenue under 200mio DKK. 

“The company has a circular business model, with a strong purpose that forms a solid foundation. At the same time, they manage to challenge the outsourcing of the creative process and already have a number of exciting customers in the fold. It will be exciting to follow this company’s ambitious goals.” – Dansk Erhverv

It is an amazing achievement for the first time being nominated for such a prestigious award. We got the recognition for being a successful and purpose-driven company, aside from our outstanding business growth. For us, just that makes us feel like absolute winners. 

Of course, nothing of this would be possible without our clients’ loyalty and employees’ ambitiousness and dedication. We’re excited to keep showing the world how the 24Slides team keeps redefining what high quality and professionalism mean. We’re sure that this is just one more step in our incredible journey to keep changing the world, one slide at a time.