Family Gathering 3.0 – “Delivering Dreams”

It’s the third one already?! At the end of February 2020, Family Gathering 3.0 was held in Malang. This annual event got even more spectacular as some members of team Denmark and Peru joined us this time.

The Big Team

The Event

The excitement has been set even months before the event when the organiser team lead by Redy announced “Bohemian” as the main theme. Being held at the main hall of the Balava Hotel Malang, we were amazed even before entering the venue as the theme decoration welcomed us. Certainly, the theme also applied to our dress code. Patterns and colours we wore blended gorgeously with the hall.

Look at those…!

For the very first time, our beloved CEO, Tobias, welcomed us in person in a Family Gathering event. Previously, we only got to see his speech video. Afterwards, Habibi gave his speech to officially open the annual party. Following the speech and introductions, we had entertainment and awarding sessions. As for the entertainment, a drama play and two music band performances successfully brought joy to us by our own teammates. We also had a stand-up comedy performance by a local comedian before the main awarding session.

Redy felt quite satisfied with the event as months of hard work finally paid off as he witnessed all the fun and happy faces of the attendees. “Thank you to everyone who participated in the process of the Family Gathering event in any ways, and congratulations to all the award winners for their achievements”, he said. He also hoped that the annual event got better and better for the coming years.

A Big Family

As mentioned in the beginning, another special thing is that we got some members of both Denmark and Peru offices among us this time. Louise as the latest addition to team Denmark said that it was LOADS of fun and she was amazed by the number of the creativity and courage of those who got on the stage and performed. “Being a brand new addition to the 24 slides family, doing my on boarding in Malang and finishing it off with Family Gathering was beyond awesome!”, she added. She was also delighted to see how we came together with each other and our families to celebrate the year’s achievements.

Rare moments indeed

At the end of the event, everyone was dancing, singing, and having fun together on the stage as Lorem Ipsum band’s performance concluded the night. This was what amazed Luzardo, one of the members of team Peru.  “It was an amazing experience, being a part of that; and then comes the group photo”, he said. 

The Winners

Dozens of awards were given to the employees. We had more awards as well as the prizes this year. The main awards were given to the top three designers, best support, best officer (from non-production divisions), and the rookie of the year. Here is the list of the winners of the 24Slides Awards 2020. 


– Best Designer 1: Anwar
– Best Designer 2: Budhi
– Best Designer 3: Eva
– Best Support: Erin

– Best Officer: Agus
– Rookie of the Year: Fenti


– Most Cheerful: Eduard
– Most Comforting: Eva
– Most Polite: Vikhi
– Most Open Mind: Budhi
– Most Teamwork: Vian
– Most Speak Up: Tomat
– Most Discipline: Agus
– Most Positive: Eduard
– Most Leadership: Nindya
– Tidiest Workplace: RT 5 (Jery, Fery, Dhevanda, Angger, Anwar, and Fierda)

Hats off!


– Male 1st Place: Varief
– Male 2nd Place: Roy
– Male 3rd Place: Jery

– Female 1st Place: Erin
– Female 2nd Place: Vikhi
– Female 3rd Place: Eva


– Best Costume: Team Denmark
– Special Appreciation: Team Peru
– People behind Malang Office Healthy Menu: Mr. and Mrs. Joko

“Delivering Dreams”

Starting with an “Impactful Debut” and continuing with “Celebration of Success”, we move forward and keep “Delivering Dreams”. More than just a tagline of the event, the phrase has a deep meaning. “So, each of us indeed have dreams”,  Vian, the event director explained, “and here, 24Slides keeps delivering our dreams further away”.