Guaranteeing Data Security: 24Slides’ SOC 2 Certification

Here at 24Slides, the security and protection of our customers’ data have always been a priority. Whether they are for sales or internal reports, we know that presentations can many times have sensitive information that is not to be shared outside of the company. 

That is why 24Slides pays special attention to guarantee that we can safely manage all the material that goes through our platform. We take several different measures to assure our clients’ safety. We do not employ freelancers, and all employees go through recurrent security training and sign NDAs. We also use encrypted data through TLS protocols, and we have prioritized security from the very beginning of SDLC. 

As part of our commitment to data security, we applied to get the official SOC Certification provided by the AICPA. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) put forth these comprehensive frameworks to assess service organizations’ control and reliability. These reports are made through an official audit, after which the organizations are provided with a Service Organization Control (SOC) Certification.

24Slides was successfully audited last year and now has a SOC 2 Certification, which indicates that an organization maintains a high level of information security. SOC 2 asses the company’s security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. 

Last July, we covered SOC 2, Type I, which describes the organization’s systems and asses they comply with the relevant trust principles. However, we wanted a complete, in-depth report that guarantees our customers’ complete safety. That’s why we’re now a certified SOC 2, Type II company that can attest to the operational efficiency of our security systems

Data protection has always been one of our pillars, and we’re proud to be able to now reaffirm our commitment to it through our SOC 2 Certification. We hope that this will not only will make our customers more confident in their information security but will also streamline the audit process for future clients.