Helping employees reach their goals

Another page is turned and it is time for us to set our goals for 2017. Last year was all about distinguishing between good and great employees, making difficult decisions that matter and establishing a “why” that makes sense. This year, we continue to grow the seeds that we have planted in 2016, focusing on helping employees reach their goals. Here’s how we intend to do that this year.

1: Extend our reach

The first step is to achieve our sales goals, reaching as many people as we can. We need to turn a profit, after all. Think of this as a means to an end — providing us with more resources to focus on helping our employees reach their goals — both personally and professionally.

2: The best office in Malang for the best employees

Helping employees reach their goals means providing them with the tools that they need and a good working environment is an example of that. We couldn’t find an office in Malang that could accommodate our growing team in 2 to 3 years time, so we’re building one. We spend 40% to 50% of our waking hours working, so a good working environment is of utmost importance. This is aligned with helping our employees to a great professional career — after all, the best team only deserves the best office.

A preview of our office
A preview of our office

3: More personal growth initiatives

What better way to help employees than actually creating initiatives that focus on helping employees? We have, since the beginning, tried our best to focus on developing people’s skills. One of the reasons we are where we are now is because we believe in the ability of employees to learn and grow as professionals and as people. Now that we are 50, we need a better structure if we want personal growth to still be a top priority. In 2016, we hired an experienced HR manager in Indonesia. Not only will he help us find and hire the best people, but he will also help establish the personal career path for everyone coming into the company.


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