This article was written by Ciquita, a Graphic Designer in Indonesia, as part of 24Slides’ Storyteller’s Program.

Hello, this is Ciquita, a graphic designer at 24Slides! I’ve been working here for almost 4 years now, and I would honestly say 24Slides has made me stay for the longest period than any other company I have ever worked at before.

Why? How come? Are the former companies not as good as 24Slides?

Of course they are very good, and I was very lucky to be able to work with them. But what is the value that I was looking for when I was searching for a job? Easy: A safe place to work with a healthy environment. As we all know, a healthy work environment is very important: Having a balance between work time, health management (physically and mentally), and enough quality time with myself and my loved ones. It includes  “getting paid fairly” for my work, which is not only about the salary but also promotions or rewards that motivate me not to let myself get stuck in one position. The fair recognition of my hard work inspires me to grow constantly and do better on my job. This is the special thing 24Slides offers to their employees that I didn’t get in my previous job. With the amazing culture and values that they have, 24Slides is more than capable of supporting my growth, not only in work matters but also when it comes to getting more connected with my surroundings. Besides, I’ve wanted to work at 24Slides since I was in college, and being one of their employees has been a great fortune! So, what else makes 24Slides different?

1. 24Slides is Caring about Employee’s Well-being

24Slides provides us with so many facilities at work and off work—for example, the devices to do our job. In 2020, as soon as the pandemic started, we were all given an announcement to start working from home. And on that very day, all the employees helped each other to deliver and install all the devices we need in each of our homes. The company also offered internet and electricity allowances, so we all could work from home without worrying about connectivity and such. By the time the Covid-19 restrictions loosened up, the company “traded” our computer devices into laptops, so we are able to work from home, the office, and anywhere we wanted! This happens because 24Slides very much understands that besides “only working”, we also need to support our well-being and go to new places for refreshments or spend time with our loved ones between our work lives.

24Slides also supports us with fun events like “Play Saturday”, “Sports Day”, and Social Activities to refresh our connections. We are so happy that we have these activities because it always helps us to tighten the bonding with our colleagues. “Coffee Break” is one of our favorites. This is a monthly activity where we can meet in a cafe or restaurant, and 24Slides will pay for all the beverages we order. Oh! We also have “Junkfood Day”! It is when we all sit together at lunchtime – usually a day before our payday – to enjoy otherworldly yummy junk food together! For real, 24Slides never stops giving us good food and kindness!

2. Sharing is Caring

As I said before, 24Slides never stops giving kindness to their employees. 24Slides really loves to give presents too! Yes, presents! We always receive gifts not only on our birthdays but also on our big holidays like Ramadan and Christmas! We have welcoming merchandise for the new employees and for anyone participating in the 24Slides activities, such as CSR events.

Yes, you read it right. 24Slides has its own CSR team. I’m also part of the “Impact Ambassador” program with two other colleagues who actively work together with the CSR team to participate in social activities for people or communities who need help. This makes me really proud! My other colleagues, who are not part of the CSR team, are always very excited to give their hands to help us so that we can spread this kindness on a larger scale. 24Slides is literally filled with beautiful souls and valuable people!

3. Work-Life Balance

To support work-life balance for the employees, 24Slides provides us with these things:

  1. Limited overwork time. There’s a limit of 3 hours after the shift ends so that the employees don’t overwork themselves.
  2. We are getting paid fairly for everything that we do, not only for the core operations like doing presentation slides but also for external activities like managing office events. We are getting paid fairly for overtime work too.
  3. Every year, we are given more than enough leave permissions that we can use to travel or rest whenever we need time off from work. 24Slides cares about our mental health and tries to make sure that we don’t feel burned out.
  4. We are supported with health facilities such as free gym and yoga classes for the employees, so we can maintain our health and do sports with our colleagues, which is really fun! Besides providing gym and yoga classes, 24Slides also has health benefits that we can use when feeling unwell. 

Employee Development

Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing. And that’s one thing 24Slides focuses on with the team. They always support us in improving ourselves by providing workshops to expand our knowledge. We can ask for seminars or training whenever we need some improvement regarding our work or simply to keep our heads up for new updates, especially on design matters. So if I had to mention one thing that I love the most about being an employee at 24Slides, I would say that they understand each employee grows at their own pace. Yes, they encourage us to grow, but yet, they teach us how to improve based on our own timeline so that we’re not rushing ourselves in our unique growth process.