10 Years of Presentation Slides: Happy B-day 24Slides!

10 years ago, in a 4-person office in Malang, Indonesia, a dream began: to become the #1 presentation design company that caters to businesses and organizations all around the world. 

It sounded big. It sounded daunting. But now, 975,889 slides later and with some of the world’s biggest companies as our clients, we can confidently say that we stepped up to the challenge

Our surveys have always shown that people spend way more time creating presentation slides than they think. Presentation slides are incredibly powerful in conveying ideas and showcasing information, but creating them is time-consuming. It’s even harder to create actually good slides that make a positive impact on your message. 

We wanted to give back this time to people and empower them to make better use of their time, whether focusing on more value-creating tasks, learning something new, or just spending time with their family and friends. 

According to our calculations and how much time our customers have told us they have saved with us, over the last 10 years, we have helped people save 36,107,893 minutes of work. This equals 601,798 hours, 25,075 days, or 824 months. Yes, you read that right! The amount of time we have helped save through presentation slides put together is over 68 years (and this is just counting it as calendar days! Imagine all the time saved if we’d count it as working days… The equivalent is over 300 working years!). 

All this while having incredible, custom-made slides that will add value to their presentation and showcase the true power of good design. 

It’s been a long journey, but we wanted to show that it’s possible to create an outstanding company that is still focused on people and their well–being. Aside from creating amazing slides, 24Slides was created from the beginning as a socially responsible company that put employee growth and development on par with productivity. 

Our goal was to empower people in emerging markets and give them the tools they needed to compete in an international market. We did not want only to become a successful company – we wanted to build a company where we uphold higher standards of living and employment for all workers. 

We believed that business success and employee well-being went hand in hand. And guess what? We were right. We’ve gotten the highest recognition for socially responsible companies, becoming a B Certified Company, while also earning 4 Gazelle Awards in a row, showing outstanding revenue growth.

10 years later, our 4-person office has become a worldwide company with almost 250 employees in offices in 5 different countries. We can proudly say that this growth is deeply rooted in the amount of effort and dedication from all of the team, who daily strive to define new standards of excellence. 

Managing a remote team hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve grown with each other and found new ways to keep improving and rise up to the challenges. Our true power comes from the fact that every 24Slider embodies the values and commitment to creating something bigger than ourselves. It is this dedication that has made us grow this last decade and will keep us moving forward in the future.

This 10-year anniversary is proof of how far we’ve come and how much more we’re looking forward to achieving in the next 10 years!