An Insight Into the Experience of Our Designers-In-Training

During July and August, our interns and trainees at the Malang office gave presentations about their experience at 24Slides. Roy, Debora, Budhi, Lina, Udin and Sheila shared their thoughts and some of the talent that they developed during their time here in their presentation designs.

Listening to the presentations by the interns at the Malang office had a number of consistent themes – a love of the work, the environment, the people and the effort the company puts into making 24Slides a wonderful place to work. They all had fond memories of the various social events, the excellent lunches and snacks provided, the plants that decorate our office, and the great social atmosphere in the office which not only provides work-life balance, but work-fun balance.



Roy started his presentation with a very plain, boring, default powerpoint slide titled “Internship Experience”, sharing an anecdote about how his professors at University had encouraged him to create dull slides for his presentations. However, after his time at 24Slides, he shared his four tips to create compelling presentations – simplicity, well-aligned, consistency and (of course) using the grid feature in Powerpoint! He also made us guess who in the team was his mentor, his second mentor, the happiest guy, the loudest one in the office, and who serenaded our office at midday; though, if you want to find out which is which, you’ll have to come to the office yourself. But most importantly, Roy assured us he’d be back on our development program, and this wouldn’t be the last we saw of him.




Debora shared her experience at the office, “Sliding to my Journey”, and some of her incredible creations during her time here – feature pictures (a cartoonish representation of two men with balloons in a picnic basket), an infographic she created about how to make presentations memorable, and some examples of slides she’d created. She also shared what she’d learned – teamwork, how to take a cheat day on her diet (from our monthly junk food day), how to grow plants (a group effort, when you have as many plants as we do in the office) and to get the chance to watch BTS!


Budhi is one of our trainees who self-describes as having five dimensions – sleep, soccer, eating, gaming and (of course) slides! He told us about the most rewarding parts of working for 24Slides, the open and free dress code, the chance to work for large international clients, learning the ‘science’ of design and the great salary and benefits. He also shared his best tip for making friends in a new office – to bring a pack of gum, which seems to be an internationally successful tip.




Lina loves going to new places, meeting and befriending new people, watching TV, reading and discovering new music. She shared how her experience at 24Slides had given her financial freedom, the chance to sample and eat countless delicious, free, halal foods, the opportunity for personal growth and, in what was becoming a trend for the day’s presentations, a reference to our junk food day. However, Lina’s experience as a trainee designer allowed her to receive feedback on her work from an incredibly diverse range of people, companies and of course, her trainers. She learned the value of a trusting office culture, where people are friends, trust you to do your work independently but provide support when needed, the value of working hard and playing hard, and was able to progress her career and personal goals. Her favourite feedback to get, which she received a lot, was – “ini bagus, Lin” – this is great, Lina!



Shiela is a painter and traveler, who chose to come to 24Slides because she wanted the opportunity to build close relationships, learn and expand her knowledge among professionals. Her experience at 24Slides enabled her to make new friends, receive kind and patient mentoring, and learned that design can encompass programs like Powerpoint, rather than just photoshop. From day one, she found the culture here warm and humble, respecting everyone equally regardless of age or status. Finally, her work at 24Slides has moved her towards her professional goals, to provide the best quality work and constantly improve; as well as her personal goal of taking her whole family to Mecca.



Udin, our self-described “professional chicken eater”, as well as mountain climber, cyclist, photographer and Nasi Padang fanatic, was our last presenter of the day. Udin once harboured ambitions of being a war photographer, before switching his focus to business. While he originally only intended to stay for a month, he found that he was both discovering and improving a lot about himself working here, and decided to stay longer. Now that he’s decided to stay with us, he hopes that in the future he can become a design manager here.




Diana is a singer, economics graduate who has studied both in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as one of our customer support agents in training. Like most trainees at the 24Slides office in Malang, she enjoys the great environment, people and conditions here, but not the heat!  She also well and truly learned the 24Slides motto – work hard and play hard!



Kayleigh is an Australian university student studying economics and law, who wanted to experience the culture of an Indonesian office as well as the experience of an international company. She thought a short-term internship at 24Slides was an excellent opportunity to do both at once, and loved every minute of it. Despite having studied Bahasa Indonesia for only 2 months, she gave her presentation in Indonesian rather than English, speaking about her love of the food, city of Malang and the office environment.



Yasa has been with 24Slides for 3 months and again spoke of the great environment within the office, and the many social and fun activities the Malang office has done together. He wanted to work for 24Slides because the office location, the type of experience he could gain and the conditions were good here. He went on to tell us about the technical skills he learned – both in customer service and the technical aspects of our work.